Nicole Moreo

  • Job Title: Senior Vice President, Analytics Ketchum Analytics
  • Country: United States
  • City: New York


Nicole Moreo is a SVP, Analytics at Ketchum and the North American Chapter Chair for AMEC. Nicole has a proven track record of looking beyond metrics and developing analytics programs that have a direct impact on strategy optimization and business outcomes for her clients. Nicole’s expertise and focus lies in being able to tell a holistic data story for all her clients. To do this, she looks at data across the customer journey. She integrates data points from traditional media, social media, web analytics, search engine optimization, primary research, digital ads, and CRM to identify the trends and insights that lead to smart and sophisticated strategies and support ongoing efforts. Prior to joining Ketchum, Nicole built the Analytics practice at Peppercomm, a digital communications agency based in New York with offices in San Francisco and London.   Nicole oversaw a team of data scientists, analysts and researchers that worked to connect strategy, tactics, audiences, and results for clients across a variety of industries.  Using the latest ideas in digital, statistical, analytical and market research, Nicole is known for moving beyond the basics to uncover a truly innovative analytics approach that supports a program before, during, after and beyond. Nicole is a frequent speaker at events and conferences where she focuses on the future of measurement and analytics, and the critical role it plays in the evolving strategic communications and marketing landscape.  Nicole is Chair of AMEC North America and was named as one of the top 25 innovators in America by the Holmes Reports in 2016.

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics and ROI
  • Effectivness measurement on a shoestring
  • How to turn data into insights
  • The Future of PR (data/insights/digital…)
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Integrating data across media/social media/web analytics/SEO/CRM/internal communications.... etc.
  • PR Measument
  • Integrated Communications research/optimization/measurement and evaluation
  • Audience-centric research and analytics
  • The importance of removing the data silos
  • The importance of starting at the beginning with SMART actionable goals

Personal Contact Details

Company Contact Details

  • Job Title: Senior Vice President, Analytics Ketchum Analytics
  • Company Email: [email protected]