In the Spotlight

Marianne Morgan

We talk to Marianne Morgan, Director of Research and Analytics at Citypress in the UK.

What you do:

I oversee reporting and evaluation at UK comms agency Citypress. It’s my job to make sure that our reporting meets industry best practice (as set out by AMEC). A big part of that is working out how best to measure a campaign’s success. Alongside our team of media analysts and researchers, I spend a lot of time aligning measurement metrics with comms objectives.

How did you get started in measurement and evaluation?

I spent almost a decade working as a PR before setting up a central Research and Analytics function at Citypress and specialising in media analytics full-time. Having been on both sides of the fence is really helpful for understanding how reports are disseminated and the types of insights that will be most useful to both the client and our own PR teams. 

Looking ahead at the next 12 months, what most excites you about our industry?

The single biggest threat to PR budgets is poor measurement. As a result, clients are taking a more active interest in how and what they measure. It’s opening up lots of new opportunities to create truly integrated measurement programmes.

What has been your proudest career moment so far?

Winning an AMEC award in 2018 was a real career highlight for me. It felt like an endorsement for all the work we’ve been doing at Citypress to ensure we measure consistently, effectively and with a focus on what comms really delivers for a business.

Where do you see the industry, and yourself, in the next five years?

The industry focus has got to be on further improving integrated reporting. In five years, I would expect cross-agency and cross-discipline reporting to be the norm as businesses seek to better understand the ROI of their comms spend.

What do you love most about AMEC?

I only joined AMEC 12 months ago but I have found it to be a really welcoming environment and a great forum for sharing best practice with other measurement professionals.

Where can we find you (e.g. social media, secret M&E hangouts, etc.)?

You can find me on LinkedIn or pop into the Citypress offices in Manchester for a chat.