Developing Philips’ Integrated PESO Content Strategy for the 2016 World Economic Forum – Philips

Category: Best Use of Measurement for a Single Event

Client: Philips

Campaign title: Developing Philips’ Integrated PESO Content Strategy for the 2016 World Economic Forum

Member: OneVoice Connect (OVC)

AMEC Awards 2016

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Project Background & Overview

As part of Philips’ reputation-building strategy, the company has been a supporting sponsor of the World Economic Forum (WEF) – an annual global gathering of world leaders in business and politics held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – for the last several years.
In collaboration with world leaders, Philips uses WEF to drive conversations around solving global challenges in the hope of shaping a more positive state of the world. WEF is an invaluable platform for Philips for a variety of reasons, but most notably for:

  • Accessibility to influencers in the global sustainability and health technology arenas – two of the company’s key focus areas
  • Exposure to key governmental stakeholders
  • Visibility for top executives
  • Attention to issues that affect communities within Philips’ key markets

Philips was again present at WEF – Davos 2016 and tasked OneVoiceConnect, its communications agency of record, to assist it in analysing the performance of the company in online and social media around the event.

Measurement Challenge & Objectives

In the increasingly crowded global social conversation around WEF, Philips found itself with some specific measurement challenges, including:

  • How can we see the impact and value of our digital and social media efforts?
  • How can we better integrate data from our regional teams and business units?
  • How can we assess our position among other companies at the event, as well as other sponsors/supporters of WEF?
  • How can we use insights gained from social conversation during WEF to inform our overall digital content and communications strategy?

Additionally, Philips wished to achieve very specific KPI goals and objectives during its WEF activation, including:

  • To be the most-mentioned business in relation to global health and health technology surrounding the World Economic Forum:
    • This includes owning at least 25 percent of the conversations using the #futurehealth hashtag, which related to one of the company’s key messages and was a key hashtag being used in conversation around the event.
  • To double the amount of internal Philips offices and business units that post content and engage with WEF conversation online.


To provide Philips with insights into these challenges and to measure the brand’s key objectives, OneVoice created a measurement framework to integrate various data sources and showcase the brand’s presence in comparison to its competitors and other event attendees.

This framework included goals (based on last year’s performance at WEF) associated with Philips’ key performance indicators.

Additionally, the team appointed local community management leads who were responsible for posting content created by the internal Philips team, as well as communicating channel-by-channel performance data to the central team for post-event analysis.

Finally, the team implemented real-time social listening via Radian6, a proprietary social listening tool which gathers data around conversations across online and social media, to monitor the general online and social media coverage around WEF, as well as posts that were specific to Philips. This real-time listening allowed the team to monitor for real-time opportunities and inform decision-making within the four day event period.



Using the measurement framework, OneVoice was able to measure Philips’ online and social efforts, which reflected the group’s key business goals. In order to use this, we used several tools including:

  • Radian6 to monitor and analyse the online and social media conversation
  • Factiva to analyse online media coverage in top tier outlets
  • LinkedIn and Twitter Analytics to track and analyse paid and organic campaign performance and engagement.

Data from these tools was collated in an event recap report, which showcased a variety of data points regarding the quality and quantity of Philips’ online and social media coverage at WEF, as well as how content performed on its owned social platforms.



On the whole, focusing on the key performance areas outlined before the 2016 event allowed Philips to hone its strategy and to drive across-the- board performance increases, including:

  1. Increased internal participation: A total of 11 Philips markets and business units created content related to WEF – five times more than 2015 (this was due to the involvement of additional markets and an increased focus on data aggregation from relevant internal parties).
  2. Strong engagement on Philips content: There were a total of 28,785 engagements on Philips content across Twitter and Facebook due to optimised paid promotion and an increase in social posts across Philips regions and business units.
  3. Owning the future of health conversation: Philips-related content accounted for 33 percent of posts using the #futurehealth hashtag (The implementation of real-time monitoring and the always-on tracking of posts from Philips’ owned channels allowed the team to optimise/capitalise).
  4. Higher branded volume of social conversation: Philips saw nearly four times as much conversation at WEF in 2016 than during the previous year. The presence of Philips’ key executives, a partnership with WEF’s owned social channels and increased internal participation contributed to this conversation growth.
  5. Increased social reach: Philips saw a 10 percent uptick in impressions year on year. Impressions were more accurately measured due to the increased access to owned channel analytics across the Philips portfolio.

While Philips deemed the measurement strategy for WEF – Davos a success, more importantly it has allowed the client to prepare an ongoing strategy with target-right content to be used for the brand outside the context of WEF. Ultimately, this measurement activity has allowed Philips to harness the insights garnered during WEF to inform its overall business and communications strategy globally.

“Our ongoing measurement approach around WEF – Davos has been vital in helping us understand the successes, as well as shortcomings, of our digital communications tactics. This framework helps validate our strategic decisions and generates insights into how we can improve as an organisation, not only in the context of this event, but also in our overall content strategy.”

Annisa Arishti, Philips Global Social Media & Community Manager