Why Communications has become the North Star

On the byBrick Insights boat, during terrible weather, AMEC’s Global Managing Director, Johna Burke filmed several interviews that we now have the pleasure of publishing.

This first film is an interview with Hanna Brogren, CEO of Swedish Communicators, and covers how the role of communicators and marketers are changing due to the evolving communication landscape and the digital transformation that companies, organisations and society are going through today.

The film addresses how measurement and evaluation has become the north star and how communication is now at the center of how a business is run. This impacts heavily on what skills communicators, marketers and also managers have to have. It also means that a lot of management skills and business knowledge are now coming into communication and marketing roles too.

This film is a fantastic discussion on just how multi-functional communication has become and what key drivers data and measurement are for business and organizational growth and engagement, building teams and unified brands.

We hope you enjoy this interview and a special thanks to both Johna and Hanna for being such great sports and doing this with a very simple setting, poor weather conditions and on the go tech. Lovely to see two so impressive knowledgeable women connect and share insights.

Thank you!

Behind the camera, Annsi Krol, CEO byBrick Insight.