Gemma Moroney, Planning Director at Mischief PR, has developed her own hit record approach to help people ‘change the record’ on measurement for the industry – 8 tips all inspired by song titles.
I recently spoke at a PR Week Best Practice Breakfast on Measurement, alongside our wonderful client, Daniel Dodd, of the National Trust. We’re lucky that the Trust has a fantastic in-house insights team and industry-leading measurement and evaluation, which helped us plan, measure and evaluate our AMEC-award winning Nation’s Ode to the Coast campaign.
We wanted those attending the talk to be able to take away something to apply to their own work – whether reminder or revolution – and help ‘change the record’ on measurement for the industry. So we settled on eight tips inspired by song titles:

Song 1: I am what I am (Shirley Bassey)
PR can shift sentiment, reputation and sales (market mix modelling has proven that one).  So stop with the existential crisis, PR. You are what you are and that’s what other people say about you, wherever and however that happens. Measure how that delivers against comms objectives and commercial impact.
Song 2: My ever changing moods (Style Council)
PR can be tasked with everything from buzz to behaviour change, so the right metrics and tools may be ever-changing. Pick the right ones for the job. Measuring a clear ‘problem’ to solve is the constant.
Song 3: We are the Champions (Queen)
There’s a good, free and freely available industry standard to plan and measure campaigns – the AMEC framework. It goes way beyond outputs, to outcomes and impact, meaning everyone can be a measurement champion.
Song 4: We are family (Sister Sledge)
The best measurement (and work) comes when everybody – with different jobs, specialisms, even employers – works together. Create a family of talent, tactics and reporting, to deliver against shared objectives.  
Song 5: Wake me up before you go go (Wham)
There’s no point waking up measurement and evaluation after you’ve started work. Measurement starts from answering the brief – work back from what success will look like. Have a clear overview of what each element of your plan delivers.  
Song 6: Patience (Take That)
It can take time to change the way things are done. Accept the things you can’t change right now, focus on the things you can change.
Song 7: Money Money Money (Abba)
If you can, spend 10%ish of your budget on showing effectiveness. If you can’t spend money, then spend time.
Song 8: Start! (The Jam)
If you can’t change your whole approach to measurement overnight, start by changing something at least…
You might be saying “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” but there’s never anything wrong with a refresher. If you’re pledging to “Make a brand new start”, then start today, there’s plenty on this site to help you. And if you really want to get into the measurement end evaluation mood: