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a-data-proAt the heart of AMEC’s Mission in 2018 is a commitment to educate the marketplace. We will do that by having industry-leading experts able to talk at conferences and events throughout the world. If you are an industry leader with proven experience in measurement, join our Speakers Bureau now.

AMEC’s Global Speakers Bureau is a key part of our Global Education Programme, supported by A Data Pro as our new Global Education Partner. 

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Jesper Andersen

Strategic Communication Measurement & Insights Advisor Quantum PR Measurement
Home Copenhagen Denmark Cell Phone: +45 61 67 45 85 Website: Quantum PR Measurement Website: Quantum website in Danish


Jesper Andersen is a strategy advisor and international keynote speaker specialising in communication measurement and evaluation. He is the managing director and lead consultant of Quantum PR Measurement.

Jesper consults for private companies, organisations and public authorities – including the European Union’s Regional Development Fund and Interreg co-operation.

He is also a popular keynote speaker and facilitator of masterclasses and workshops on communication measurement & evaluation at conferences around the world. In the past couple of years this has brought him to a number of cities including Copenhagen, London, Brussels, Istanbul, Riyadh, Belgrade, Bergen and Oslo.

In 2016, Lissted in the UK put Jesper at number 83 on the list of the Top 100 PR Measurement Influencers in the world.

In 2017, he founded Measurement Day – a new annual Nordic conference on communication measurement & evaluation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication Measurement & Evaluation from the communication professional’s perspective
  • Linking communication objectives to the business or organisational objectives – in order to support the strategy
  • How to set objectives that are actually workable
  • Screening objectives for bad, unintended consequences
  • Teaching the principles, methods and tools of measurement & evaluation to others

Proposed Presentation Titles

  • From Output to Outcome
  • How to get started using measurement in your organisation
  • Creating Measurable Objectives and Implementing Them
  • Why We Don’t Measure – Addressing the Key Excuses and Fears in the Organisation