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a-data-proAt the heart of AMEC’s Mission in 2018 is a commitment to educate the marketplace. We will do that by having industry-leading experts able to talk at conferences and events throughout the world. If you are an industry leader with proven experience in measurement, join our Speakers Bureau now.

AMEC’s Global Speakers Bureau is a key part of our Global Education Programme, supported by A Data Pro as our new Global Education Partner. 

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Fraser Likely

President and Managing Partner, Likely Communication Strategies – Fellow AMEC – Emeritus Member, Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission – Fellow CPRS
Work Ottawa Canada Work Phone: +1-613-727-8555


My research and client consulting work in PR/C management for the past two decades focuses on helping the head – the Chief Communication Officer (CCO) – of an enterprise’s in-house PR/Communication function with (1) strategic management (PR/C ‘s role in the enterprise’s strategic management processes and the ability to manage the department strategically); (2) structural and organizational design and development; and (3) operational and service performance measurement and improvement. In doing so, two practice areas are important. One is the conduct of a major examination of the function, whether a needs assessments, organizational review and/or benchmarking study. The other is the development of a holistic performance measurement program (and scorecard) for the PR/C department that can measure management excellence, operational/process excellence as well as communication effectiveness excellence through the application of concepts such as multi level frameworks, balanced scorecard, valid metrics, communication controlling and logic modeling.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation
  • Why measurement and analytics is important to PR professionals


Proposed Presentation Titles

  • The Ins and Outs of Conducting a Major Assessment or Review of Your PR/C Function or Department
  • How to Develop a Holistic Performance Measurement Program for Your Department: One That Measures Management, Operational as well as Communication Excellence