WELCOME to the part of the AMEC Knowledge Share Website which focuses on social media measurement.

At AMEC’s International Summit on Measurement in Amsterdam in June 2014 we launched the social media measurement valid metrics frameworks and user guides. Created by AMEC’s social media measurement group to help simplify the process of providing credible and meaningful measurement across all organisations, the frameworks and guide have been endorsed by the CIPR, the PRCA and UK Government’s Cabinet Office.

A video introducing the guide and the frameworks is available to watch below. It includes a great case study from Government Department DEFRA detailing how it used the guide to plan and measure the ‘Chip My Dog’ campaign.

The guide, some sample metrics and the frameworks themselves are all available form AMEC’s microsite www.social-media-measurement-framework.org

In addition, AMEC offers these other resources that you will find useful as you implement your social media measurement across your organisation and campaigns.

See also these useful presentations on social media measurement:

Richard Bagnall CEO of PRIME Research UK, and Chair of AMEC’s Social Media Measurement Group announced the new user guides for the Social media measurement frameworks at AMEC’s International Summit on Measurement in Amsterdam in June 2014.

The frameworks were launched in 2013 to enable a credible and meaningful approach to social media measurement to be applied across any organisation with many different objectives. The frameworks are designed to help communicators to measure in a manner that doesn’t just focus on output metrics but which demonstrated their value by linking through to outtakes and outcomes too.

The new microsite at http://www.social-media-measurement-framework.org, user guide and supporting video have been produced to help drive adoption of the frameworks and to ensure that digital communicators get the credit that they deserve for the work that they produce.

Bagnall said: “The beauty of the frameworks is their blend of simplicity and credibility. Used effectively they will help any organisation to plan what they are looking to achieve with their digital communications strategy form the outset. By asking yourself what success looks like the relevant metrics that need to be measured become very clear. The userguide, case study and video will help ensure that our message of the need for meaningful measurement and a flexible manner to achieve it can be spread far and wide.”