Contact: Mark Reisz

Address: Randstad 2130, NL-1314 BJ ALMERE

PO Box 1157, NL-1300 BD   ALMERE


Tel: +31 3653 43570



Media Info Groep is the leading media monitoring and evaluation company in the Netherlands with over 100 years of experience. Providing information, insight and intelligence from all available media sources in the Netherlands (print, radio & television, online news, blog and social media) as well as distributing news to journalists and the media. As a member of Fibep and AMEC we can provide  those services also on a global level.

Unique for the Netherlands Media Info Groep has 3 AMEC College graduated senior analysts therefore safeguarding quality and compliance to international standards. Our staff of 120 media-analysts monitors and analyze the news for more than 2.500 customers.

Media Info Groep has several online tools for customers to manage their media coverage ranging from basic web portals (dashboards) to a real-time content discovery module.