In the Spotlight

Paula Diaz

We talk to Paula Diaz, Operations Manager, buho

Please tell us a little more about what you do:
 I’m ultimately responsible for having the right people doing the right things right on the operational side of the business.

We believe that we will be different from other companies by caring intensely about our talent and that’s why I’m also very interested in finding better ways of doing what we do and searching for the personal and professional alignment of our team. As everyone in buho, part of my duty is also to promote the importance of measurement and evaluation across Latin America, especially in academic scenarios.


How did you get started in measurement and evaluation?
The opportunity to work in buho came up on a fast growth moment were the company needed a different operational profile (Industrial Engineering). Then, as a part of the hiring process, I started to prepare for the interviews and I was quickly completely fascinated by idea of the research, the data analysis and the evaluation being used on a non traditional context for me: relations between people and organizations. Fortunately, I got the job and I have been working in buho for 5 years now.

The idea of adding unexpected value has always been very appealing to me, so I feel privileged to be part of buho’s scaling up process.


Looking ahead at the next 12 months, what most excites you about our industry?
The growth and popularization of measurement in Latin America. Being able to reach and develop those markets, helping great companies to step up their game by showing the communications value and impact on the business, overall making the Latin American communications teams shine.


What has been your proudest career moment so far?
I’m constantly proud of what we do in buho but I lived a very special moment recently when we were invited to Universidad el Rosario (a Top Colombian University) to talk about our organizational innovation project (mainly focused on making our team and our clients shine). The room was full, more than 150 postgrad students from different regions of the country were there listening to what we had to say regarding our industry and our innovation efforts. Seeing their excitement and interest meant the world to me.  


Where do you see the industry, and yourself, in the next five years?
I see a Latin American industry fully developed with companies trusting that measuring their reputation and their engagement will help them improve their overall performance. I also see buho with clients all over the continent, innovating and winning more AMEC cases showing our value and contribution to the industry. The industry will move further into technological applications and uses on the research, so I think our role will be to take care of the methodology, to evaluate and construct the ethical boundaries and to ensure that we keep adding value from talented people.


What drove you to get involved with AMEC and its Young Leaders Group?
Understanding what moves people from my age to work in this industry and learning from professionals around the world.

buho is also a company with a very young team (our average age is between 26-28 years) so we have a great opportunity here to engage new professionals and get them involved in contributing to setting the future measurement agenda and in adding new perspectives and diversity.


What tips would you give to future young leaders in our industry? Do you have any guidance for those seeking a career in our industry?
I strongly believe that education is key and AMEC has a very good platform for knowledge and good practices. It’s crucial to be curious about what’s going on in the industry, checking trends and breakthrough Technologies. I also think it is very important to be passionate about research and to be really excited about belonging to such a groundbreaking industry.


What do you love most about AMEC?
What I like most about AMEC is its rigorousness and how they really contribute to the growth of the industry. For us, it has been very relevant to be part of AMEC and we feel like it has put us on another level. AMEC has being facilitating the contact with such interesting people as the Young Professionals Group, it has allowed us to do networking and get in touch with great companies within our industry.


How can we connect with you on social media and keep in touch?
You can find me on Linkedin.