Contact: Jeroen Scholten
Email: [email protected]
Tel: + 31 20 528 9295
Address: Overschiestraat 61 1062 XD AMSTERDAM The Netherlands

Publistat is the leading media evaluation company in the Netherlands. By monitoring and analysing editorial coverage, Publistat helps clients to develop, evaluate or fine-tune their communication strategies. All within a local, national and international setting, including all media types: print, radio & television, online news and social media.

Our bureau has more than 25 fully-trained analysts that analyse media for a wide variety of companies, NGO’s as well as governmental institutions.

For the majority of clients, Publistat conducts on-going trend analyses. However, Publistat also has a broad experience with one-off media evaluations, for example in the case of big media events such as quarterly financial reports, product introductions or sport events.

At the specific request of several of our clients, Publistat started a monitoring service to support clients in keeping up with the media, also in case of crises.

Publistat has online applications available to help organisations to easily log contacts with journalists and other stakeholders anywhere, anytime. Clients often add value by combining this contact application with media analysis or media monitoring to obtain more insight in the effect of their contacts with journalists or stakeholders.