Contact: Mr Florian Laszlo
Email: [email protected]
Address: Lessinggasse 21 , 1020 Vienna, Austria

»OBSERVER« is Austria’s leading media intelligence agency. We have claimed this title since 1896.

The »OBSERVER« team is providing well-founded, complete and independent monitoring, analysis and insights to their clients. Over the centuries we evolved in sync with the change in the media landscape and are successfully providing state of the art services. The regional focus lies in the German-speaking market, but we provide international monitoring and analysis as well. Benefiting from our established co-operation with FIBEP partners all over the world, we provide a one-stop-shop for international monitoring and analysis. The data gathered is provided to our clients and quality-improved by our media intelligence teams. With added meta-data a unified supra-regional analysis is attainable at an affordable price. Our longstanding experience and cutting edge technology lets us gather and engineer the foundation for Data Driven Communications. We are the Austrian service company for communications professionals.