Measurement Week
Creative Ideas

A Measurement Week brainstorming session was held during AMEC’s International Summit in Amsterdam.

View this video to get inspiration from some of the ideas that were generated.

What people are Doing

As part of Measurement Week (15-19th September), AMEC members throughout the world will hold a series of events in their countries with employees, clients and press to create better understanding around the latest thinking in measurement and analytics.

Measurement Week will be spearheaded by AMEC’s three International Chapters in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, representing AMEC members in over 40 countries

  • Series of country events organised by AMEC members with their staff and clients.
  • Webinar series organised by Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Opportunities for internal communications activities within AMEC member companies.
  • Social media outreach using the hashtag #amecatwork.

As part of its Global Education Programme, AMEC will this month launch an International Speakers Bureau with a commitment to make communications research leaders available to speak at top conferences. It will also run a regular webinar series.

PPT Presentation

Measurement Week Presentation

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In this presentation you will find:

  • What is Measurement Week
  • How you can be involved
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Measurement Week Logo

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Measurement Week

Industry leaders support Measurement Week

Communications professionals are getting behind AMEC’s Measurement Week, a new world-wide campaign to highlight the importance of measurement in communications, from 15-19 September, 2014.

Jeremy Thompson, Chief Executive of Gorkana Group and AMEC Chair Elect, said Gorkana was committed to supporting AMEC’s Measurement Week.

He said: “Measurement Week is all about promoting and proving the effectiveness of PR and communications programs through best practice and standard frameworks. As a regular Education Sponsor of AMEC’s Annual Summits, Gorkana Group is proud to support this fantastic education initiative. Together we can continue to drive the professionalization of the PR industry by encouraging more widespread use of measurement and evaluation.”

Jeremy Thompson
Dawn Conway “Measurement leads to insights, which in turn improve the effectiveness of PR activities,” says Dawn Conway, Cision COO and Chair of the AMEC Content & Copyright Committee.

“Greater insights empower practitioners to make the best choice of channel, message, and audience mix to meet their clients’ objectives. Cision is pleased to support AMEC’s Measurement Week with educational programs to expand the understanding of and adoption of quantitative analytics in the public relations industry.”

David Rockland, Chairman of AMEC and a Ketchum Partner said: “The “how” of PR measurement has long been solidified. What is lacking however is the widespread adoption of these techniques which in turn devalues PR as a business discipline.

“AMEC’s Measurement Week is being established to help fill that gap. This could be the most exciting initiative from AMEC since we founded the Barcelona Principles framework. Our aim is to get not only AMEC members but the communications and marketing industries behind it.”

David Rockland
Alex Aiken “Credible and consistent measurement is the number one issue facing communications. It’s the foundation and a source of invaluable learning for great work. Organisations should use Measurement Week as a time to reflect, learn and share best practice”.
Alex Aiken, Executive Director, Government Communications, HM Government UK
Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General and ICCO Chief Executive, said: “This is a brilliant idea and we are very proud to support Measurement Week. The success of the PR Guide to Measurement, which the PRCA and ICCO launched with AMEC, proves that measurement is firmly on the agenda for PR practitioners.” Francis Ingham
Francois Nicolon François Nicolon, Global CMO, Kantar Media, said: “In today’s digital media environment, Communications and Marketing need to close the loop not only with their disciplines, but also between them. With this evolution must come a comprehensive and effective way of measuring the cumulative impact and value of their actions. To that effect, Kantar Media is proud to support and contribute to AMEC’s Measurement Week outlining the latest principles of PR measurement through initiatives around the world.”
Michael Ziviani, Founder, Precise Value, Australia said: “Most senior communicators are unaware that they’re letting themselves and their boards down. AMEC’s Measurement Week is an ideal opportunity to highlight the importance of bringing science into the art of communication and to promote a smarter way; eliminating the guesswork to increase efficiencies, reduce frustration and deliver exceptional outcomes.” Michael Ziviani
Evgeniy Larionov Evgeniy Larionov, CEO, Ex Libris and Chair, AMEC Professional Development Committee, said: “We are happy to be contributing to AMEC’s Measurement Week. This is a great opportunity that stakeholders, including professionals and clients, could take advantage of to discuss media measurement evolvement.”
John Croll, CEO of iSentia, said: “As the leading media insight company in the Asia-Pacific region, iSentia sees Measurement Week as an incredibly important initiative from AMEC that we fully support. We applaud AMEC on this initiative and look forward to a deeper ongoing conversation across the industry about improving communications measurement.” John Croll
Aseem Sood Aseem Sood, CEO, Impact Research, India, said: “AMEC Measurement week is a unique effort. The fact that it will be observed in so many countries, at the same time, adds to the excitement. Impact Research shall actively support this excellent initiative with on-ground activities in India.”
Richard Bagnall, CEO, PRIME Research UK, said: “PRIME Research is fully supportive of AMEC’s work to promote best practice in communications measurement and insight. Measurement Week is another great initiative from AMEC designed to help drive awareness and education on all the benefits that credible and meaningful PR analysis generates. PRIME looks forward to joining the conversation and offering our full support to making Measurement Week a success.” Richard Bagnall
Francois Van Dyk Francois Van Dyk, Operations Manager, Ornico, said: “We believe this AMEC initiative is very important as it creates great awareness around this very important subject as we aim to improve our clients’ communication efforts. We will be hosting several events around Africa where we can share our learnings from AMEC with our clients and believe this could benefit their businesses greatly.”
Karen Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, Mediaverse, said: “Measurement Week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of measurement in the communications industry, particularly through sharing global best practice. At Mediaverse we’re proud to be taking part in Measurement Week by holding an open house for clients and industry professionals. We’re lifting the lid on media evaluation so people can come in and see #amecatwork!” Karen Crawford
Stephen Waddington Stephen Waddington MCIPR, European Digital & Social Director, Ketchum and CIPR President 2014, said: “The CIPR is firmly behind AMEC in its ambition to raise awareness and educate practitioners and the broader business community in the critical area of public relations measurement. We will support AMEC during Measurement Week with collateral, learning and development, and tools.”
Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer at Hotwire PR, said: “For Hotwire PR, measurement lies at the very heart of our approach to integrated communications and we will be supporting Measurement Week across our offices worldwide by sharing experiences and sparking conversations. We welcome the initiative as a means to showcase latest thinking and trends in measurement, not just to the communications industry but more widely to the C suite and beyond.” Andy West
Giselle Bodie Giselle Bodie, Chief Executive, Salience Insight, said: “With corporate and brand reputation an increasing focus of traditional and social media, the ability to interpret and weigh stakeholder sentiment as it plays out is must-have intelligence for senior executives. AMEC’s Measurement Week is a great window of opportunity for measurement providers to demonstrate this capability and to consolidate their reputation as valued business advisers.”
Margot Sinclair Savell, Senior Vice President, Global Measurement, Research+Data Insights, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, said: “We are excited about this important initiative by AMEC to raise awareness of measurement in communications. At Research+Data Insights and Hill+Knowlton Strategies, we strongly believe that measurement should be a critical and core component of every communications program. We intend to contribute to a wide variety of events throughout Measurement Week. #amecatwork” Margot Sinclair Savell
Chris Foster Chris Foster Vice President Booz Allen Hamilton, said: “Measurement Week is an opportunity for AMEC and our member companies, to challenge the industry to stop, slow down and focus on the importance and significance of true measurement in communications. Given the rapid rate of change occurring within communications, measurement is no longer an “add-on” nor is is a “nice thing to do”. Measurement is a necessary component of every communications, marketing and adverting effort – my hope is the this Measurement Week will help advance this thinking broadly”.
“Universal Information Services is eager to partner with AMEC in recognizing this year’s Measurement Week. With the phrase “big data” clogging the minds of PR professionals, helping deliver meaning and insight from measured media is key. It is our job to educate the users of measured media and Measurement Week is an ideal global opportunity.”
Todd Murphy Vice President, Universal Information Services
Todd Murphy
Elayne Phillips “AMEC’s Measurement Week is a great initiative providing a range of free and low cost opportunities for communications professionals from all sectors to hear the latest thinking, best practice and practical case studies from inspiring expert speakers. We all know in this rapidly changing world of communications that evaluation has become critical, we must demonstrate the value we add to our organisations and AMEC has free tools and resources to help so I recommend everyone get involved, attend an event, join a webinar or follow the conversations via #AMECAtWork”.
Elayne Phillips, Head of Strategic Analytics and Evaluation | Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
“As newcomers to AMEC we are excited to get inspired by the 2014 Measurement Week. This is a great opportunity to highlight the best international practices and to underline the added value of high quality communication measurement and ultimately contribute to clients improved performance.”
Petra Mašínová, CEO, NEWTON Media, Czech Republic
Petra Mašínová
Karen Prichard Karen Prichard, Managing Director, Reputation, at Ebiquity said: “For PR to be taken as seriously as it deserves to be, communicators need to speak the language of the C-suite; we need to use credible metrics that pass muster with CEOs and CFOs. AMEC’s Measurement Week will focus industry attention on this important issue, and our PRmoment event during Measurement Week addresses what the C-suite wants from PR head-on.”
Ian Lipner, Vice President and Partner at LEWIS, said: “LEWIS is proud to support AMEC’s Measurement Week and its educational programs. We believe the industry will look back upon this week as a milestone not just for public relations measurement, but also for a new standard of insight-driven execution for every campaign.” Ian Lipner
Chris Webb Chris Webb, Associate Director and Head of Measurement at Pegasus, said “Measurement Week provides a timely opportunity for clients and consultancies to make positive changes that embrace the significant benefits that effective measurement can offer. It’s introduction by AMEC reflects the changing wind within the industry and the fact that measurement is more important than ever before.”
Stuart McHugh, CEO, Newsaccess, Republic of Ireland, said: “Newsaccess is excited by the 2014 Measurement Week line-up. AMEC is an extremely important organisation which bridges the gap between PRs and Media Intelligence agencies across the globe. This event will shed light on our expanding industry and it will grant participants access to key measurement insights from AMEC member organisations” Stuart McHugh
Robert Söderling Robert Söderling, CEO, Retriever, said “The AMEC Measurement Week is a great opportunity to meet with customers and the rest of the industry so soon after the AMEC International Summit. Seeing initiatives from the industry at large is a clear indication that we are all on the right track to providing customers with even more value. We can clearly see that the response from customers is strong to the increased focus on measurement strategies, which in turn have become a true companion to the business evaluation of many of our customers.”