Influencers, PR & measurement – CARMA in conversation with Scott Guthrie

Join CARMA Account Director Orla Graham as she talks with influencer marketing guru Scott Guthrie on all things influencers. Hear how influencers are increasingly being used (to successful and sometimes not so successful extents) within the earned media space to drive reputation, awareness and understanding. We’ll be discussing fascinating examples across the public, political and non-profit sectors, as well as getting into the nitty gritty of how you actually measure the impact of influencers.

Scott Guthrie is a professional advisor specializing in influencer marketing, as well as a conference speaker, guest university lecturer, top 10 PR blogger and media commentator. His work is widely respected and has featured in numerous publications, including the Financial Times and The Telegraph, amongst others.

Orla Graham is an Account Director at CARMA, with 13 years of experience in media analysis and insights. She has a particular interest in the not-for-profit sector, having contributed a chapter on evaluation of ‘Communicating Causes: Strategic Public Relations for the Non-profit Sector’ (2018, ed Garsten & Bruce), and is a member of the AMEC Not-for-Profit group, and its Young Leaders group.