Wednesday 17 May

Day One


Enter the Measurement Majlis: Listen and Learn, or Fail

Brian Lott, Chief Communications Officer, Mubadala Investment Company


Finding Esperanto

Deepa Dey, Head of Communications, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare – India Sub Continent


Have Confidence!
Only you can do what you do (and you can prove it)

Fritz Quinn, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Asia, American Express


What can social media in China teach the world?

Dr Linda Xu, Chief Client Officer & Head of Research, Kantar Media CIC


 How to measure nothing. Or, how quantum theory can help evaluate the absence of action

David Watson, Head of Campaigns, UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, Government Communications Service, HM UK Government.


From Taking Credit to Taking Action

Jamin Spitzer, Senior Director of Platform Strategy, Microsoft.


Navigating the world of Influencer Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges for PR

Christopher Daguimol, Regional PR Director, ZALORA GROUP


Innovation Transcends the Corporate World – How Not-for-Profits are Managing Disruptive Change

Marni Zapakin, Research Director, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics

Thursday 16 June

Day Two


How Brexit brought insights and evaluation into the global spotlight

Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, School of Communication, University of Technology, Sydney; Visiting Professor LSE

11.45 – 12.45

Workshop A
“Mirror Mirror on the Wall”

Is the real barrier to measurement vanity? Ego? No space to fail and learn? How can we sell measurement in a business climate that is risk averse?

The workshop will discuss:

  • The unspoken barrier to adopting better standards of effectiveness measurement
  • Where we go wrong in taking away the “candy” that marketers love
  • New research insights on this overlooked issue
  • Commentary from regional marketing panel
  • How we break out of metrics that reward tried and tested work
  • Practical tips on how to overcome these challenges to advance measurement.

Christopher Daguimol, Regional PR Director, ZALORA Group
Khali Sakkas, Chief Executive, Research & Insights, Isentia
Lavanya Wadgaonkar, Vice President – Communications, Asia & Oceania, Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

Marion McDonald, Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy Public Relations APAC and AMEC Fellow

Workshop B
Walking the Talk – Getting Real Value from Data

Big Data is everywhere but how much have we really progressed in the use of research and measurement in communications? The stats are positive but what’s the real story and more importantly, how do we improve it?

This workshop will explore:

  • Is measurement going beyond “ticking the box” and being embedded into real world processes and day-to-day comms activities?
  • Is data being used to drive communications strategy?
  • How can we make metrics more consumable and connected to decision-making
  • How do we create a culture that values metrics?

Rachana Panda, Chief Communications Officer & Citizenship leader, GE South Asia
Aseem Sood, CEO, Impact Research & Measurement
Matthew Stanton, CEO, King Content

Ruth Pestana, Director, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics

12.50 – 13.35

Workshop C
How to use the new AMEC Framework – a practical tutorial

AMEC introduced its integrated Evaluation Framework at the AMEC Global Summit 2016 in London. In this practical “how to” session, two of the international team who developed the Framework will explain why it was needed, what it is, and how to get the best results from adopting and using it.

  • Why it matters
  • Moving beyond “vanity metrics”
  • How to get started with the Framework.
  • Identifying what success looks like
  • Telling the ‘measurement story’

Richard Bagnall, CEO PRIME Research UK and AMEC Chair
Paul Hender, Head of Insights, Gorkana.

Workshop D
Content and data rights in the digital age

This workshop will examine how leading organisations use content and data to give competitive advantage.

  • Why is copyright important to Communication professionals>
  • How do increasing privacy concerns impact the quality of our data?
  • Copyright and data access – is it about relationships with the owners?
  • Fast forward to the world of copyright and data in 2020

Andrew Hughes, International Director, NLA Media Access
Jeremy Thompson, CEO (EMEA and India), Cision / PRNewswire

Christophe Dickès, Internal Communication Leader, Kantar; Co-Chair AMEC/FIBEP Content & Copyright Committee

14.35 – 15.20

Workshop E
Exclusive Release of Global Research
Latest Trends and Best Practice in Measurement and Evaluation Globally

  • The most widely agreed fundamentals of evaluation worldwide.
  • Latest models and approaches – which industries and sectors do it best
  • Getting beyond models to applied evaluation
  • 10 informal and 30 formal research methods you need to think about
  • Getting to the next level – showing VALUE

Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication at the University of Technology Sydney
Professor Macnamara has spent the past 18 months examining evaluation frameworks and models used in advertising, public relations, government communication, health communication and other communication fields

Workshop F
Measurement in a post-truth world: how does the measurement and research industry need to address fake news and alternative facts?

In this workshop – organised by AMEC’s Global Young Leaders Group – we will look at how to face up to and deal with the new global challenges of fake news and “alternative facts” in traditional and social media.

  • How has the prevalence of fake news and “click bait” impacted the measurement industry?
  • Will facts prevail or alternative facts persist?
  • What do institutions, both public and private, need to be aware of?
  • How do research and evaluation professionals address public scepticism?
  • How are journalists, publishers and researchers as well as authorities dealing with the fake news challenge?

Ngaire Crawford
, Insights Manager, New Zealand, Isentia
Ben Levine, Vice President, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics and Co-Chair of AMEC Global Young Leaders Group
Michael O’Connell, Managing Director, AAP Medianet

Mazen Nahawi

15.50 – 16.50

Workshop G
Measurement in action: The latest trends from around the world!

This workshop brings actionable trends from new research and campaign results from around the world. In this session you will learn:

  • The perfect data storm…Just because we can do, does this mean we should do?
  • What is the consumer reaction under a multi-channel communications bombing?
  • ‘Big data’ profilerates – well, is all data equal? Is all data objective?
  • How big data can affect business results in sales, profits and customer experience
  • How we can make sure insight from social media is actionable
  • Insights into how communication changes spectator behaviour – and how behaviour changing the way we communicate

Christophe Dickès, EMEA Internal Communication & Copyright Director, Kantar Media
Kasper Hülsen, CCO, Infomedia 
Per Østergaard Jacobsen, Lecturer and Project Manager, Copenhagen Business School
Anna Rokina, Global Social Analytics and Listening Lead, Lenovo
Lasse Skjoldan, Senior Advisor, Infomedia

Johna Burke, CMO, BurrellsLuce

Workshop H
Insight, impact and change!
Measurement and analytics at a cross roads of change and evolution.

  • Will automation and the rise of artificial intelligence create a new type of media intelligence firm of the future?
  • What do you see as the big trends coming in the media intelligence and analytics sector?
  • Psychographics and psychometrics offer new ways to impact on data driven decisions
  • What are the other new trends?

Steffen Egelund, Founding Partner & CEO, Media Track Pte Ltd
Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, Co-founder & CEO, AirPR
Mazen Nahawi CEO, CARMA
Mats Wängelin, Co-Founder & Business Developeer, Biz Media

Sean Smith, Chief Executive – Australia & New Zealand, Isentia