Open to students globally and founded on a set of best practice guiding principles to communications evaluation, the AMEC International Certificate course will include social media measurement. The course will be taught at degree level over 10 weeks by online learning. AMEC believes the Certificate will win international recognition.

Who is the course aimed at?

AMEC has addressed the needs of communications professionals who want to develop their skills through a modern and dynamic programme learning approach which allows them to study to fit in with their company jobs but within a clear time course deadline.

  • This course is aimed at those in already working in media monitoring and measurement.
  • Communications professionals looking to work more strategically to make the case for media analysis.
  • Or professionals wanting to understand how to demonstrate the value of measurement to their management or clients, or improve the working relationship with media measurement agencies.

E-mail: for further details or booking.

The course has been developed with AMEC’s training partner, the PR Academy.