Workshop E

Getting people on the same page! How do you get PR and measurement professionals to agree what’s important?

We recognise that not every international delegate will have an interest in the Copyright Round Table. Workshop E showcases a new initiative from France.

In an interactive session, two leading media intelligence professionals will talk of the challenges involved in developing a new industry measurement framework on behalf of Syntec RP, the French PR trade association. How they overcame previous disappointments – and how a similar approach might work in your country.

It starts with agreeing a common objective.
No place for Advertising Value Equivalent (AVEs) anywhere!
The secret is gaining consensus to agree what the common objective was.
The Key Measures all start with the Barcelona Principles.

François Nicolon, Global CMO, Kantar Media
Arnaud Steinkuhler, Opinion, Media & Social Media Analysis Department Manager, Argus de la presse.