Contact: Todd Murphy

Address: 1623 Farnam St. Suite 600, Omaha, NE 68102, USA

T: 402-342-3178




Universal Information Services, Inc. was founded in 1908 as a press clipping service. The ownership embodies the notion that you must innovate for the client, or the company will not be able to fulfill the needs of that client over time. Over 100 years of innovation makes Universal unique in that they monitor and analyze all media for their clients: print, broadcast, web, and social.

Universal’s fundamentals are built on simple business principles, but with an eye to the future. As a “complete news monitoring service,” Universal was one of the first companies to provide digital media formats to end users, and remains at the forefront of research and development for news monitoring and analysis services. Universal was also the first company to develop a multi-channel system for monitoring TV newscasts through closed captioning. Whether it’s information delivered digitally, or redefining media measurement methodologies, Universal is committed to serving clients of today and the clients of tomorrow.