Contact: Paul Braun


Tel: 609-279-1600 x110


Address: 271 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 USA


Braun Research was founded in 1995, employs 50 full time and over 700 part time employees engaged in data collection via telephone, and internet for various survey research firms, government and advertising agencies, foundations, universities and academic entities as well as religious organizations. In over eighteen years in business, we have conducted 9,000 research projects by telephone, internet and mail worldwide.

Braun Research operates telephone call centers in the United States and Canada. We also operate our network of vetted operators throughout Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia and Australia. Among the internationally-known firms that have hired Braun Research Include the Gallup Organization, the Pew Research Center, IBM, Dow Chemical, Samsung and Ketchum Public Relations. Braun Research has worked for the US Department of Treasury and Defense. Braun Research also work for multiple universities including Princeton University.

Braun Research is known for developing sampling strategies that pinpoint efficient efforts in representative polling and research. Our interviewing for custom survey data collection include residential studies, health care (physician, specialist and nursing) as well as high level business surveys, and elected officials and their staffs.

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Please contact Paul Braun or Dave Oshman, VP of Client Relations directly at 609-279-1600