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Opoint was founded in 1996. Since then the company has continually focused on developing advanced searching and filtering technology for monitoring online news.

Opoint’s unique technology has made it possible for the company to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of web content and technological solutions to other media monitoring companies. Opoint currently delivers content and monitoring solutions to more than 30 other media monitoring companies in Europe, Russia and India. We have scaled the system to the extent that we currently cover 90,000 sources and find 1,6 million news articles every day. When it comes to volume, we offer the most comprehensive coverage in the world. Opoint’s strategy for 2014 is to add a large amount of sites from the US, and this will make Opoint the world’s leading supplier of web content by the end of 2014.

Opoint is one of the leading companies for media monitoring and media analysis in the Nordic countries. Opoint operates in Norway, Sweden and Poland, as well as having a production unit in Estonia. Opoint has more than 150 employees and a customer portfolio of over 1.800 firms.

Opoint is a complete supplier of news monitoring and is today one of the biggest media monitoring companies in Sweden and Norway, with more than 1.200 customers. We deliver media monitoring from Internet, printed press, radio and TV. We also have our own analysis department, one in Sweden and one in Norway that delivers media analysis for a diverse cross-section of Opoint clients.


Norway Branch

Akersgata 28 A,

Postboks 428 Sentrum 0103

Oslo, Norway

Phone: (+47) 480 31 571


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Ringvägen 100

Box 170 93

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