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PERCEPTICA is a media evaluation agency. It assesses the image of an entity such as an organisation, a product/brand, a campaign, a country or an individual across the traditional-media landscape and the social-media communities.

Perceptica provides a wide range of media analyses which go far beyond the standard media monitoring and measurement reports. Using our proprietary methodology, in-depth analytical expertise and state-of-the-art technology we collect the spontaneous reactions of your customers, research how people feel about your interaction with them and perceive your brands, ideas, products or services. Besides, our evaluation projects define the factors with the highest net effect on reputation and the likelihood of recommendation by end-customers based on analysis of content from 30+ languages.

Taking an individual approach to all customers, Perceptica consultants link their communications goals to measurement with the ultimate purpose to contribute to their overall business strategy. In other words, strengthening the factual approach to decision making – a key function of our services – naturally boosts your organisation’s success.

Perceptica is a brand of AII Data Processing, a content delivery and management company with over 15 years of experience serving clients worldwide.


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