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In response to the content licensing needs of the Media Monitoring and Evaluation (MME) market segment, we have founded License League, Inc. The purpose of License League, Inc. is to facilitate the fair and equitable acquisition of compliant content from content providers on behalf of content users with a focus on simplicity and convenience. The idea is to create and evolve workable business models surrounding the actual use cases for content that respect the needs of the users as well as the providers. by providing access to licensed content from 80 plus content providers in one place, with one bill, without having to negotiate with all those publishers individually, License League provides not only convenience but a huge cost savings.

Amongst our staff we have a combined 200 plus years of publishing and media monitoring experience to put to use establishing workable content solutions for users’ needs.

Our message to the content providers is; “Let us develop new revenue models and channels for you.” Our message to the MME’s and their end users is; “let us develop new compliant access to the content that is vital to your business.”

License League administers CAP (Compliant Article Program)® which currently has 81 publishers participating representing over 2,300 titles ranging from the NY Times to the Joplin Gazette, to Vogue, to Hollywood Reporter, to Inside the FDA.