Contact: Rayna de Lange


Address: 152 Tzar Boris III Blvd, E20, Sofia,

1618 Bulgaria

Tel: +359 (0)885561981



DeLange Analytics is an all-around research and analytics agency that boasts a full-circle of communications evaluation and market intelligence services:

Media intelligence

A complete set of media analytics services – from Boolean strings building and coding to end analysis reports.

Business value analysis

Advanced analytics – social data modelling & testing, integrated analysis (combinations of various types of research and data – media analysis, statistics, marketing research, etc.) aimed at scientifically proving communications’ effect on business results; all-around customer insight, predictive analysis.

Business intelligence:

Market intelligence services – market research & monitoring, competitor intelligence, industry reports.


Focus on media and market intelligence.

Our strengths:

Multilingual analyses – we analyse the content in various languages and deliver the final product in English. That spares our clients efforts and costs to go to multiple providers for each particular market and language. All markets are evaluated under the same methodology, which allows for fair and easy comparison.

Various technologies – we are flexible in choosing the tools we work with – from industry leaders to niche AI. Based on clients’ requirements, we select and negotiate the tools, then perform the human analysis on the top.

Various expertise – media, data sciences, communications, political sciences.