Welcome to the AMEC NFP SIG “Ask the Experts” and “Knowledge and Skills Share” webinar series. The AMEC NFP group hold regular sessions featuring speakers who present their approach to bringing best communications M&E practices and research to their organizations. From early days, to awareness and adoption, they talk about their journey with interactive Q&A throughout.

On-demand recordings of each session available to members can be found by logging in to access member only content and clicking the links below.

June 2021

AMEC Not for Profit Talks – Getting a Measurement & Evaluation program off the ground

Introducing monitoring & evaluation at an organisational level: understanding best practices and lessons, demonstrate value and purposes of communications. Providing insights and sharing strong metrics to demonstrate impact on communication initiatives
Understanding challenges on reputational risk and disinformation during the COVID-19 crisis. Featuring presentations from AMEC NFP members:

Richard Porter, Director Of Communications – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
‎Monika Gehner, Head of Corporate Communications – ‎International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Michael Kopeikin, Senior Digital Strategy Officer- ‎International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Sinead Harvey, Press and Public Information Officer – International Atomic Energy Agency Department (IAEA )

May 2021

United Soyabean Board and International Development Research Center AMEC NFP Knowledge Share

AMEC’s Not-For-Profit group talk as part of the series Learning from Each Other, find out how the International Development Research Center (IDRC) and the United Soybean Board (USB) are working to get an M&E practice off the ground on a shoestring budget. Speakers Fridah Mubichi-Kut from the USB and Andrew Harris from IDRC, will share their approaches and seek the group’s guidance as they roll out a communications M&E practice inside their respective organizations.

OECD & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation AMEC NFP Webinar

October 2020, the NFP “Ask the Experts” session featured Camille Raymond, OECD and Gold AMEC Award winner, and Tom Black, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, about their approach to bringing best communications M&E practices and research to their organizations.

NATO and World Bank AMEC NFP Webinar

This AMEC NFP SIG “Ask the Experts” “Ask the Experts” webinar held June 2020 featured Michelle Hawkins, NATO and José de Buerba, World Bank who present two practical case studies for members with interactive Q&A throughout.

AMEC NFP Webinar: How do Not-For-Profit organizations measure the results of their advocacy?

In this webinar, moderated by AMEC Not For Profit Group co-chair Natalia Vaccarezza of UNICEF, Chris Stalker, Senior Advisor Policy & Campaigns at Oxfam America and Glenn O’Neil, Founder of Owl RE research and evaluation consultancy, will discuss the ways in which non-profits are assessing their effectiveness, measuring their advocacy, the challenges they face and the solutions they adopt, based on real-life examples and experience.

Media measurement and media monitoring at the World Bank

Jan 2021: Media monitoring is critical to understand the socio-economic context in which non-profits operate as well as to track brand coverage and monitor risks. And while the rise of AI has helped in detecting media mentions, in-house communication teams still perform the critical task of curating the most relevant media articles for internal audiences and translating media coverage into actionable insights.

This looks at how the World Bank monitors global media, assembles daily clip, performs advanced media trends reports, and measures key message penetration in the media.