Contact: Emily Morgan, Managing Director – Consumer
Tel: (44) 207 025 6500
Address: 41-44 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7NF
Red is based in a former boxing gym in Soho, punching hard for some of the best businesses and brands around. We work across consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology PR. We are able to combine people and skills to create robust campaign teams able to talk to different audiences using traditional media, social media and experiential techniques. Clients invest money with us and want to know it will work. It does. It does because we’ve developed the right mix:
  • ·        Planning‐ ensuring the campaign is designed to make a difference… a difference we measure against commercial goals
  • ·        Ideas‐ creating stories which will catch attention and spread
  • ·        Energy‐ demonstrating a daily drive to deliver
  • ·        Process‐ working in a calm, collaborative way with clients and other agencies
It is the combination of ideas and energy which is at the heart of Red.