Contact: Harry Scholte
Tel: +31 1045 67849
Address: Veerhaven 7, 3016 CJ Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The online dashboard Monalyse is both a monitoring and an analysis tool for news media and social media. The news items, either print, online or social, from our suppliers are fed into Monalyse and presented in lists, graphs, and graphics. Clients receive daily news-updates and have full access to the data which they can download into reports or excel sheets for further analysis. Our media intelligence gives clients instant insight into publicity surrounding their brand, organization or line of business. Monalyse offers analyses of all media in the Benelux. Our new press and stakeholder management and communications product Monalyse Engage helps communications and marketing professional to improve the selection of journalists and stakeholders for the communication of their messages. Monalyse Engage uses the information of media analyses to optimally target those journalists and stakeholders who have an interest in the specific message.