Contact: John P. Derham
Address: 60 Garden Alley, Doylestown, PA. 18901 USA
iQ media provides advanced media based cloud services for business intelligence and video content marketing. We help organizations of any size grow their network, generate awareness, and increase value across the web, social networks, mobile devices, and television. iQ media is leading the transformation from traditional media monitoring services to Media Intelligence Platforms. Our product, cliQ, empowers our customers to move beyond media monitoring to proactively leverage media content to drive topline revenue and further their strategic communications goals. Broadcast TV continues to be the most important influencer of public opinion and buying decisions, and it is the first place most people turn to for breaking news. Yet the technology infrastructure for monitoring TV media is aging, has not been fundamentally updated for years, and was not designed for the Internet age. At iQ media, we have developed media optimized for the cloud – a new way of accessing content that effectively integrates broadcast TV, online news, social media, and even user generated content with the new information delivery channels increasingly preferred by today’s end users: email, social media, and streaming content directly to smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our customers use cliQ to discover, create, engage, while leveraging fair use media content in ways that simply were not possible just two or three years ago. They have moved from relying on monitoring tools that only help them discover the past to actionable capabilities that enable them to change the future. Any organization with an important message or brand needs to activate their consumers, constituents, employees and the media, not just monitor them. Our customers include major consumer brands, political organizations, professional sports teams, universities, collegiate athletic programs, PR agencies, and non-profits. For those in the media monitoring industry we offer an OEM version of our cloud-based media resource, providing them with API access to more media content, faster search capabilities, and a modern technology infrastructure.