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In just a few years, AMEC Measurement Month has established itself as the only global initiative
dedicated to championing the value of media measurement in all its forms. It has conclusively proved the case for media measurement and accelerated its take-up among every strata of business in a world increasingly driven by accountability. But the enduring success of Measurement Month cannot be taken for granted. Each year, we need to come up with fresh ideas and new initiatives to promote new learnings in measurement and to keep it relevant.

This requires early planning, so here’s how you can help, using our Top Tips:

  • Start talking to your clients or suppliers now to encourage their buy-in and involvement. Give them dates and invite their participation once you have finalised your event or programme..
  • Talk to your trade and B2B media contacts, bloggers etc and work with them on widening the appeal of Measurement Month in the months leading up to September 2017. Contribute in any way you can to traditional or online media features scheduled for publication in September (see below for UK examples) or earlier. Remember, too, that AMEC is here to help.
  • Encourage colleagues and contacts to attend events and support Measurement Month on social media. They are your measurement ambassadors. Use this link in social media posts which contains the list of all events and use #AMECMM on Twitter. During your events, promote comments by speakers and attendees as well as other events.
  • Embed Measurement Month 2017 on your own website. Where code is required to embed the link, we’ve made it easy by providing the code. The majority of CMSs make it really easy to embed an image, so you may not need it.
  • Use the new AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework as the hook for your Measurement Month event.
  • Engage with the PR trade association in your country.
  • Identify competitors to partner with in staging an event.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of Measurement Month to AMEC’s ongoing education programme.
  • Use technology, e.g. webinars or Twitter Chats.

Add the Measurement Month statement, logo and link supporting Measurement Month to your email signature


Name | Title
Website: | Twitter: @XyzOrg
AMEC Measurment Month
Insert the name of your organisation name here:

-XXXX is supporting AMEC Measurement Month 2017 this September. Join this global education programme by attending free events to learn about the latest in the measurement and evaluation of communication. Click here to find out more.

Include quotes from Industry leaders on the importance and role of Measurement Month
You can share this on social platforms as another source of information and promotion.
Quotes available from:

Richard Bagnall
CEO, Prime Research UK and Chair, AMEC

Francois van Dyk
Head of Operations, Ornico Group

Mazen Nahawi


Consider live streaming your event for free. Periscope is a great way to do this. Top tip: All you need to do is position your iPhone within a reasonable distance to capture the sound and video.

You can download the Periscope APP via APP store. It is free and you can log in using Twitter. Before running your video, it’s a good idea to tweet that you will be using Periscope at xxx time and on a given day, so people can tune in. Top tip: Remember to use #AMECMM so you reach the widest audience.

Feedback is vital!

Use SurveyMonkey for you to send to attendees after your event and to fill in yourself so we at AMEC can learn what works best and factor it in to future Measurement Month programming for next year.

Vine / Instagram video

Vine is another free app. Owned by Twitter it allows you to create six second videos. Top tip: It will auto-publish the video to Twitter as long as you tick the box at the end. Remember to use the Hashtag #AMECMM

Instagram has a 10 second video feature which works in a similar way.

Generating PR buzz and winning recognition

Write blogs, contact journalists in the sector and share the content more widely after the event

e.g. a starting point for trade media would include these titles:
–   PR Moment UK and PR Moment India
–   PR Week UK
–   PR Week US
–   PRNews US
–   Mumbrella Asia

Feel free to develop themes for your event which are relevant to your business and your audiences

Suggested themes as a starting point:

The importance of doing measurement – all activity should be measured for learning, recognising the success – and underscoring the value of communications work

The new Interactive Integrated Evaluation Framework – an approach to make sure your measurement and evaluation work is effective and linked to business needs

The journey of measurement – how to get started if you’re not measuring communications activity, through to making your existing programme work harder and developing it further.