AMEC’s Global Business Insights Survey was the first industry survey to cover media intelligence and insights when it was launched 10 years ago. Each year the Survey continues with a series of trend over time questions to give AMEC members a unique sense of what is happening worldwide. However each year too, the Survey has a series of new questions which give an indication of the importance that technology trends are now playing.

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Although consolidation has continued, there is a sense of real optimism for industry growth

The percentages speak for themselves: Invest in Tech and Move Forward or….

AMEC’s key education role has never been more clearly articulated!

The flawed metric is on the way out but no time to let-up!

AMEC members see strong insights growth, especially in Middle East and Asia

First identified in the Insights Survey each year the importance of servicing clients on a global scale increases

A new trend is that clients are looking to measure new areas and receptive to new types of measurement