What does President Trump’s communications style mean?

The first digital President – What does President Trump’s communications style mean?

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has used Twitter to communicate, and has received a mixed basket of positive and negative feedback while doing so.

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Manna from Whitehall for research and communication: Reflections on Brexit from inside the ‘bubble’

By Professor Jim Macnamara PhD, FAMI, CPM, FAMEC, FPRIA, Professor of Public Communication, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney. Visiting Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science, Media & Communications Department

Like the ‘manna from heaven’ – the food that reportedly fell from heaven to feed the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt – the UK government has delivered a veritable feast for researchers and communication professionals.

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The only certainty in Election polling is a confluence of uncertainty.

“What if Alexander Hamilton Were Running for President in 2016? How Would He Poll?”

By Cynthia L. Miller, Managing Director, Braun Research, Inc.

In the United States the most en vogue founding father is not a president – though, according to a February, 2016, Washington University study appearing early in the presidential primary season, about 71% are fairly confident he was.  

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