Measurement is PR’s Top Issue

Jon Meakin, AMEC Agency Group Chair Jon Meakin, has called for agencies to "set aside egos and competitiveness" and help raise standards across the board.

Measurement – how belief pays off!

Six years ago, I had a conversation in a London coffee shop with two representatives from a fast-growing UK public relations firm, Stuart Hehir and Chris Webb. This is also their story of what can happen when you believe!

AMEC names Johna Burke as new Global Managing Director

AMEC has announced that Johna Burke, CMO at BurrellesLuce, will be AMEC’s new Global Managing Director to succeed Barry Leggetter at the end of the year.

Importance of Data & Measurement in Influencer Programmes

Communicators and marketers have long been trying to work out the rules of engagement with influencers – including how to collaborate, co-create and measure performance.

PR Professionals Need To Do More About Measurement

Dave Stevens, Marketing Director, British Land thinks the measurement of marketing has evolved but PR analytics has not evolved with the times but the author thinks the profession is letting down the professional and trade associations need to do more.

Measurement in The New World of Earned First Ideas

The mistake of people who dismiss measurement is their failure to grasp why it is vital to the future of their business, their craft and the relationships they hold with clients.

Change the Record on PR Measurement - 8 tips to takeaway today By Gemma Moroney, Mischief

Gemma Moroney, Planning Director at Mischief PR, has developed her own hit record approach to help people ‘change the record’ on measurement for the industry – 8 tips all inspired by song titles.

Measurement – the big hopes for 2018

Barry Leggetter, CEO of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), explores what earned media measurement will look like in 2018 and predicts what the year will bring for communicators.

14 Quotes on Why Measurement is Important

AMEC’s CEO Barry Leggetter was moderator of a Breakfast Briefing on Measurement organised by PR Week. See Talking Point on this page for 14 Quotes on Why Measurement is Important

10 tips to win in the AMEC Awards

Professor Jim Macnamara has seen it from both sides – as an awards entrant and as a judge. In this article, Jim shares his 10 Top Tips on Writing Winning Evaluation Award Entries.

The revolution in AI, automation and analytics will transform marketing and PR

If you ask CEOs or CFOs about their biggest frustrations, you’ll get a lot of different answers. But there is one that’s likely to be on most of their lists: the struggle to determine just how much money to invest in marketing and PR, and what the return on that investment really is.

APAC experts “fireside chat”

2017 has been a ground-breaking year for AMEC in the Asia Pacific region with the AMEC International Summit coming to Asia for the very first time. In order to celebrate AMEC Measurement Month, the AMEC APAC Chapter gathered some of the region’s leading experts for a fireside chat about the latest trends and challenges for the measurement and communications industry.

Strong backing for Integrated Evaluation Framework

AMEC members from around the world give their strong support to the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.

What Brexit and the US election tell us about communication and evaluation

Two years of research as part of The Organisational Listening Project and years of evaluation experience reveal key insights communication professionals need to note.

Strong industry growth ahead - More rapid consolidation likely

A forecast of strong growth in the media intelligence sector on an increasingly global scale will also fuel more rapid industry consolidation, according to a new study published by AMEC.

What does President Trump’s communications style mean?

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has used Twitter to communicate, and has received a mixed basket of positive and negative feedback while doing so. He understands that, to reach people today, he cannot ignore the digital world, filtered or not.
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The only certainty in Election polling is a confluence of uncertainty.

As media attention swirls about the US Presidential Race, Cynthia L. Miller, Managing Director, Braun Research, Inc., looks at the importance on Polls and the impact of negative ‘breaking news’.