Workshop A

Title: Unlocking business performance – the tools.

The workshop will look at the ways different types of analytics can play an increasingly significant role as a key driver of overall performance and competitive advantage. The panel will look at different ways to unlock business performance by turning data into a strategic asset including:

Analytical approaches for Big Data that drive business performance.

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Workshop B

Title: The Year of Big Data
The workshop looks at how companies can get ready to take on the big data challenge including:

Is it only technology? Is it all about technology or do other functions also need to prepare? What areas should companies focus on to prepare for the Big Data Challenge?

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Workshop C

Title: How to turn data into insights and what is an insight anyway?
Data has never been more important in understanding consumers, their habits, and what drives their behaviour. The workshop will include:

Data is meaningless unless it is interpreted. How to give customers a real sense of direction.

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Workshop D

Title: A futuristic session on seeing around corners in measurement – and what is likely coming down the road in the next few years.
The panel looks at what the future will look like including:

Consolidation in the media intelligence sector and among software suppliers will continue.

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Workshop E

Title: Monetizing Content – How our paths are more aligned than you think.
Access to content is a business critical issue as evidenced by a recent AMEC CEO survey. Content is rapidly moving behind the pay wall while pending legislation threatens the search engine model, new publisher rights organizations are forming in an effort to monetize all types of content.

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Workshop F

Title: Understanding what clients really want?

An interactive workshop where senior research and PR professionals look at the critical client-agency relationship and the importance of knowing what each client expects in the delivery of analytics and insights. The workshop will look at the importance of the key client service dynamics including:

Price versus knowledge People versus automation!

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Workshop G

Title: Unlocking Business Performance: beyond research and analytics.

It has never been tougher to grow a measurement and evaluation business while delivering a good margin. This informative and practical session will give you a fresh and motivating perspective on the drivers for a growing and profitable business.

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Workshop H

Title: Can’t measure social media? Think again!

What can we learn from traditional media measurement? Don’t believe everything you are told! Stop searching for the social media measurement silver bullet! Why measure/How to measure and what you should expect But here’s what you can do!

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