AMEC Summit 2017 Summit Scene Setter Workshop

The results of the AMEC Global Business Insights Survey will be available at the Global Summit for the first time.

AMEC Summit 2017 Welcome and Introduction

Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC and Summit Director Richard Bagnall, AMEC Chair and CEO, Prime Research UK John Croll, CEO, Isentia David Liu, Chief Executive, Asia Isentia

AMEC Summit 2017 Asia Masterclass

How does the Asia Powerhouse influences global communication trends? The importance of communications in Asia Pacific growth.

AMEC Summit 2017 Enter the Measurement Majlis: Listen and Learn, or Fail

Brian Lott, Chief Communications Officer, Mubadala Investment Company

AMEC Summit 2017 Finding Esperanto

Deepa Dey, Head of Communications, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare – India Sub Continent

AMEC Summit 2017 Have Confidence! Only you can do what you do (and you can prove it)

Fritz Quinn, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Asia, American Express

AMEC Summit 2017 Drive-thru the boardroom - do we measure relevancy + advocacy and link it to sales?

Dr Lavanya Wadgaonkar, Vice President – Communications, Asia & Oceania, Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

AMEC Summit 2017 Measurements in a changing governance landscape

Ivan Yeo, Senior Director, Research & Data Division, Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore Government

AMEC Summit 2017 Lunch time presentation - What can social media in China teach the world?

Dr Linda Xu, Chief Client Officer & Head of Research, Kantar Media CIC. The fast-moving social media landscape in China features an entirely different set of leading platforms and players.

AMEC Summit 2017 How to measure nothing. Or, how quantum theory can help evaluate the absence of action

David Watson, Head of Campaigns, UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, Government Communications Service, HM UK Government.

AMEC Summit 2017 Measuring Voices … beyond just us!

Rachana Panda, Chief Communications Officer & Citizenship leader, GE South Asia

AMEC Summit 2017 From Taking Credit to Taking Action

Jamin Spitzer, Senior Director of Platform Strategy, Microsoft.

AMEC Summit 2017 Navigating the world of Influencer Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges for PR

Christopher Daguimol, Regional PR Director, ZALORA GROUP

AMEC Summit 2017 The convergence of traditional media and social media. Are you listening?

Dianne Draganovic, Head of Social Media, Citi Australia and New Zealand

AMEC Summit 2017 Innovation Transcends the Corporate World - How Not-For-Profits are Managing Disruptive Change

Marni Zapakin, Research Director, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics

AMEC Summit 2017 Special Session - Measurement and the PR and Communications Professional

The AMEC Global Summit will bring together international PR leaders, leading PR consultancy figures, corporate communications professionals and PR association heads in a special session to help PR and communications professionals see measurement in a different way.

AMEC Summit 2017 How Brexit brought insights and evaluation into the global spotlight

Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, School of Communication, University of Technology, Sydney; Visiting Professor LSE

AMEC Summit 2017 Workshop A - Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Is the real barrier to measurement vanity? Ego? No space to fail and learn? How can we sell measurement in a business climate that is risk averse?