Wednesday 15 June

Day One


The numbers game! Football lessons for measurement (and forecasting)

Omar Mahmoud, Chief of Market Knowledge, Private Fundraising & Partnerships division, UNICEF


Beyond Share of Voice – How new-style metrics got the attention of senior management

Diane Scott, Director of Media & Corporate Affairs, Visa Europe


Communications Measurement in a Bull or Bear Market?
The AMEC Business Insights Study

Moderator: David Rockland, Partner & CEO Ketchum Global Research & Analytics

Petra Masinova, CEO, Newton Media
Mazen Nahawi, CEO, CARMA
Kevin Read, Executive Chairman, Bell Pottinger
Jeremy Thompson, AMEC Chairman & Managing Director, EMEA Cision


Embedding measurement in government communications campaigns

Stephen Hardwick, Director of Corporate Communications, HM Revenue & Customs, HM Government UK


Brand to Cash – Delivering results across the customer journey

Jerry Nichols, Global Head of Marketing Performance Management, SAP.


Proving Business Value – How measurement can make the case to protect your budget

Eileen Sheil, Director of Communications, Cleveland Clinic and Anil Ranchod, Deputy Director, Public Relations and Communications, The Stroke Association


Data at the Intersection of Strategy and Creative

Pete Pedersen, Global Head of PR, Sonos.


Blending Data and Insight to Fuel a Stakeholder Brand

Dominic Redfearn, Global Brand and Communications Director, Diageo

Thursday 16 June

Day Two

08:30 – 09:30

Special session: The Summit CEO Masterclass returns!
The State of the Industry One Year On – Trends, challenges and expectations

Three industry leaders are back on the stage at the International Summit.

  • The media intelligence sector continues to outperform expectations.
  • Consolidation is not over yet?
  • Is global reach the new essential element of the measurement company DNA?
  • Where is the industry headed next – each of the leaders makes a prediction.

John Croll, CEO, Isentia
Peter Granat, CEO, Cision
Walter Patanella, Global CEO, Reputation Intelligence – Kantar Media
Moderator: Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC

09:30 – 10:30

SPECIAL SESSION: Measurement at the forefront of creativity!

What does smart measurement look like on the cutting edges of creativity in communications? We will hear from an international panel who deal in communications measurement as it impacts and NATO’s national defence mission; share price volatility; the unique e-commerce environment flourishing on Chinese social media platforms; video content marketing, and launching luxury fashion collections.

Moderator: Marion McDonald, Managing Director, Strategy & Measurement, Asia Pacific Region, Ogilvy Public Relations
Alison Levy, SVP, Strategic Development, Launchmetrics
Steven Mehringer, Head, Communication Technologies Section, NATO Headquarters – “Online and On-The-Air: NATO’s Digital Outreach”
Giles Palmer, CEO, Brandwatch.
Chris Shaw, Director, Commetric and CommEq Asset Management – A way to discover the stories that drive the equity markets and matter to their business.
Linda Xu, Head of Research & Consulting, Kantar Media CIC – How China uses social media measurement differently.

11:00 – 12:00

Workshop A

Making the case for measurement to a Non-Profit organisation CEO – What new AMEC research tells us
AMEC’s Non-Profit Group has carried out research amongst communications professionals to identify the importance of measurement in a Non-Profit organisation.  The research is being presented for the first time – learn what the new AMEC research showed about:

  • The metrics that really matter to senior managers in Non-Profit organisations.
  • How the c-suite sees the importance of measurement – cost or benefit?
  • The level of importance of measurement.
  • Barriers which exist to the use of communications measurement by the C-Suite of Non-Profit organisations.

Moderator: Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC
Arturo Romboli, Strategic Planning and M&E Specialist, UNICEF.
Eileen Sheil, ‎Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic.
Paul Braun, President & Owner, Braun Research, Inc.

12:00 – 13:00

Workshop C

After the New European Copyright Directive – what next?

Two lawyers who specialise in copyright and work with media monitoring and analysis companies review the Collective Rights Management Directive (which comes into force in April 2016). They will look at the plans for widespread copyright reform as part of the Digital Single Market initiative in an interactive workshop and tell delegates what the legal language means!

  • What will the imminent copyright proposals say – is it a threat or a great opportunity for us?
  • Will the EC open a new copyright era for the digital economy?
  • How can AMEC and FIBEP influence the agenda?
  • What opportunities does the Collective Rights Management Directive provide for monitoring companies to use in discussions with societies?

Moderator: Christophe Dickès, Global Copyright Director, Reputation Intelligence – Kantar Media and Co-Chair , AMEC/FIBEP Content & Copyright Committee.
Nikki Daniel, Director, Global Content Planning, LexisNexis and Co-Chair, AMEC/FIBEP Content & Copyright Committee.
John Friesland, Business Area Manager, Retriever and Member, AMEC/FIBEP Content & Copyright Committee.
Phil Sherrell, Partner UK, Bird & Bird.
Gilles Vercken, Partner, Gilles Vercken.

Workshop D

Measurement across cultures and time zones!

How do you make sure you “connect” properly to measure what matters. What are the differences between advertising and PR and the cultural differences when East meets West?

In this practical workshop, the panel will share their experience of:

  • Deciding where – and what – to measure.
  • Different cultures, different measurement adoption levels – bringing it all together.
  • Using one country/region as a measurement test market.
  • What are the Golden Rules for Measurement Across Borders?

Moderator: David Rockland, Partner and CEO, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics.
Dounia Kchiere, Strategic Planning Consultant. Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, UNICEF.
Takeshi Muro, Senior Producer, Hakuhodo International.
Jerry Nichols, Global Head of Marketing Performance Management, SAP.
Mark Stephenson, Head of Brand, Communications and Digital, Philips North America.

14:00 – 15:00

Workshop F

Every PR agency can deliver effective measurement – size is not the barrier.

Evaluation is a critical business tool – but how can effective reporting be delivered. In this practically-focused workshop, a team of forward-thinking agency and research leaders will show:

  • How to champion measurement with teams & clients.
  • Effective measurement can be delivered on a budget.
  • Getting serious about measurement delivers business benefits.
  • Ways to work together with AMEC member companies.

Moderator: Libby Howard, Managing Director, Intelligent Conversation
Jesper Andersen, Managing Director, Quantum Public Relations, Denmark.
Sara Blazquez, Managing Director, B-M, Madrid – Spain.
Ben Levine, Vice President, Global Research & Analytics, Ketchum – International
Andy West, Group Chief Development officer, Hotwire – UK.

15:00 – 16:00

Workshop G

Putting Theory into Practice
– Demonstrating Implementation of Best Practice Models and Theories of Evaluation 

This workshop will explain the approach, methods, and outcomes of three recent landmark case studies that put best practice models and theories of evaluation into practice.

They demonstrate the integration of social science research and practical experience to DO evaluation that takes metrics mainstream and show how measurement matters.

Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology Sydney, and Visiting Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Workshop H

Future proofing your business with technology!

The aim of the technology workshop will be to focus on the future. Each of the speakers will share a case study their plans for 2016 and beyond which could cover:

  • Challenges for which technology solutions were sought
  • Which technology (ies) have you decided to invest in?
  • How much, or what proportion of the overall tech budget?
  • How are you preparing to adopt the technology – build yourself/ outsource/ why?
  • Business benefits sought from the new technology solution

Moderator: Aseem Sood, Impact Research & Measurement, India
Patrick Bunk, Founder & CEO, uberMetrics
Carlos Diaz, General Manager, GlobalNews Group
Christophe Folschette, Founder, Talkwalker
Thomas Vejlemand, CEO, Infomedia A/S.

16:30 – 17:25


Operationalizing the Barcelona Principles – The AMEC interactive integrated metrics framework

AMEC presents for the first time a major industry initiative on how to measure communications in the new world of marketing integration through a new interactive tool.

Richard Bagnall, CEO, Prime Research UK and AMEC Board Director
Jim Macnamara, PhD, Professor of Public Communication, University of Technology Sydney, and Visiting Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science.
Giles Peddy, Group Managing Director UK, LEWIS