The AMEC Elections for the position of Board Director for the 2018-2020 term are now open!

We ask for your support to continue to develop AMEC and educate the market about communications research and insights for the benefit of our members worldwide.  

All Nomination and Prospective Director Manifesto forms can be downloaded using the relevant links below:

AMEC Board Election Papers:

1. AMEC procedure for the election of the Board. DOWNLOAD HERE
2. AMEC Board Director Nomination form. DOWNLOAD HERE
3. Prospective Directors Election Manifesto template. DOWNLOAD HERE

Under the rules which form the Articles of the Association, a proportion of Directors on the Board resign each year, paper 1 above contains the list of all retiring Directors for 2018.

Vacancies on the Board for 2018 open for election are as follows: 

• Full Members: 3 Vacancies
• Int. Research Members: 1 Vacancy
• Associate Members: 3 Vacancies
• Individual Members: 0 Vacancy
• Not for Profit Members: 1 Vacancy

Remaining on the AMEC International Board for 2018 are:

  • Richard Bagnall, Global Strategy Consultant, PRIME Research Ltd, AMEC Chair.
  • Barry Leggetter, AMEC, CEO and Company Secretary
  • Ann Sofie Krol, CEO and Founding Partner, By Brick Insight – Full Member representative.
  • Darja Kupinic Guscic, CO Medianet, NEWTON Media Group – Full Member representative.
  • Jerry Ward; Managing Director, Press Data – Full Member representative.
  • Marcus Gault, Managing Director Insight, Kantar Media – Full Member representative.
  • Colin Wheeler, Founder, Understanding Expertise Ltd – Individual Member representative.

In addition to the elected representatives, the AMEC Chairman can recommend the co-option of up to three candidates at the AMEC AGM on Thursday 14th December, 2017. 

Elections Key Points Overview:

  • Nominations’ must be only be made to fill vacancies within your own membership category only, e.g. Full Members can only be nominated for a Full Member vacancy, etc.
  • Existing Directors coming to the end of their term have the opportunity to seek re-election.
  • Nominees can stand for both Chapter Chair positions and AMEC Board Director positions. Candidates wishing to stand for both positions can do so using the appropriate forms attached but separate nominations and forms must be submitted for Chapter and Board Director.  
  • Each Member or member company has one vote in their category of membership. Election Papers are being sent to the most senior nominated company contacts on our files. If you wish to circulate internally please do so, noting the one vote per company rule.
  • NEW! extended deadline for AMEC Board Director and AMEC Chapter Chair nominations is to be received is no later than 17.00 (GMT) on Tuesday 28th November, 2017. The Election results will be ratified at the AMEC AGM which is to be held in London on Thursday 14th December, 2017, at 13.45 GMT.

IMPORTANT FOR CANDIDATES: if you are considering standing for election will you please note: 

These are times of great change – and opportunity– in media intelligence, communications and public relations. AMEC will continue to be responsive and adapt to change. We welcome fresh thinking. However, as a Non-Profit organisation, we also ask that all candidates seeking election, or re-election, are prepared to commit to being pro-active if elected to the AMEC Board. We have big plans for 2018 but to carry them out we will need the full and active support of our Board.

If you’re looking to re-stand please consider and list your achievements during your current term on your manifesto form as well as detail what you expect to bring to the organisation in your next term if elected.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: and my Assistant, Julie Wilkinson.

Barry Leggetter, FPRCA, FCIPR
CEO and Company Secretary