AMEC Certificate of Qualification

AMEC International Certificate in Measurement

AMEC is the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, the world’s biggest organisation representing organisations providing communications intelligence and analytics. AMEC currently has more than 120 members in 41 countries worldwide.

The next International Certificate course is planned to begin

8th February, 2016

Remaining time until the course:

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By signing up for it you will:

Social media analysis

learn about the latest traditional and social media analysis approaches

Gain expertise

gain expertise in top-line metrics and key indexes

Learn of goals

learn the goals that can be achieved through media measurement

Professional standards

evaluation as an integral part of communications planning and practice

Find out more:

To gain a comprehensive overview of the brand new International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation and to inform what potential students can expect from the course. Just click on this link for access to the pre-recorded webinar:

AMEC Certificate Video

Registration fees:

Tuition fee: £899


AMEC members

AMEC members – up to 15% depending on member category

ICCO and FIBEP members

ICCO and FIBEP members – 10%

5 people of more

Groups of more than 5 people – 12.5%

Invite a friend

Those who invite their friends to join the course – 5%


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