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Who can enter
The awards are open to all measurement and research firms; media agencies; digital and social media teams; PR consultancies; private and public sector and Not-For-Profit in-house communication teams.
12 February 2016
26 February 2016

The majority of the work carried out for each entry must have taken place in the period between 1 June 2014 to 11 February 2016 and cannot have been entered into the AMEC Awards 2015.

Supporting materials
Each entry may be accompanied by supporting materials (maximum of 4 sides of A4), which will typically include charts, graphs, etc but there must be no press cuttings. Supporting materials may be provided to illustrate and give examples for an entry and will be referred to by the judges for this purpose alone.

Budget range
Measurement programmes with small budgets are welcomed as often these are the most original and innovative evaluations.

Judges reserve the right to change the category in which an entry has been submitted should they feel that it would be more appropriate in another category.


★ What the judges will be looking for in your entry:

★ Has clear measurable (SMART) objectives.

★ Demonstrates how the PR team/consultancy has achieved against the objectives to make a tangible contribution to the organisation.

★ Demonstrates impact of the programme on the target audience.

★ Shows a link between your activity and your or your client’s business or organisational goals and specifically demonstrates impact on business outcomes.

★ In line with AMEC’s commitment to Barcelona Principles 2.0 framework, the use of AVEs as the “value of earned media” will be considered unfavourably by the judges.


See this AMEC PowerPoint deck to help you write a winning entry!



The judges will consider the following when scoring measurement agencies entries:

Objective/Brief (10 out of 100 points):
Understanding of the client’s communications challenge, and how measurement approaches can help to answer them.

Strategy (20 out of 100 points):
Recommended measurement and reporting approach and level of planning to answer the brief considering any use of integrated touchpoints and how each will be measured to determine their contribution to overall results

Execution/Implementation (30 out of 100 points):
Design of measurement approaches including their originality, innovation, appropriateness of the methods used as they apply to one or more channels used and use of any partners or client stakeholders in the process.

Effectiveness of Assignment (30 out of 100 points):
Quality of recommendations provided to meet client objectives and any business outcomes set and understanding of which channels drove results for the client (where relevant). Use of the AMEC Valid Metrics framework. Reliability of research results. Whether the client acted on the report and obtained good commercial value from the evaluation. How this work will impact future communications planning.

Presentation (10 out of 100 points):
An engaging use of storytelling to outline the challenge, response and results, and a clear written presentation.


Objective/Brief (10 out of 100 points):
Genuine business objectives have been set out – going beyond communication and coverage strategies – to drive real financial results for a client. Measurement tools are identified and success KPI’s easy to assess.

Strategy (20 out of 100 points)
Target consumer/stakeholder groups well defined, research conducted leading to insights which were used to guide a clear and differentiating strategy, including how effectiveness of the strategy will be measured.

Execution/Implementation (10 out of 100 points)
Originality, creativity, courage and integration of the execution plans to deliver the strategy and influence desired behaviour/opinions.

Campaign Effectiveness (50 out of 100 points)
Impact of the campaign on target audiences attitudes/opinions and ultimately on delivering the business objectives set out. Includes robustness and reliability of the measurement methods used to assess effectiveness and assessment of individual and integrated touchpoints in delivering the overall business result. In line with AMEC’s commitment to the Barcelona Principles framework the use of AVEs/PR value as a measure will result in a zero score in this section.

Presentation (10 out of 100 points)
An engaging use of storytelling to outline the challenge, response and results, and a clear written presentation.

All Award categories, except for the Grand Prix and Special Awards will be short-listed in the first instance. The judges will be asked to score each entry using the above scoring system.

All shortlisted entries must achieved a score of 60+

  • All bronzes to achieve a score of 65+
  • All silvers to achieve a score of 70+
  • All Golds to achieve a score of 75+

Grand Prix judging

All the Golds will go into the Grand Prix judging. The judges will rank each Gold winner 1, 2 and 3 for each Grand Prix Awards.

The Chair of the judges will make the final decision if there is a tie.

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