AMEC 2015 Summit Presentations Day 2

Winning the Game
from local silos to global integration
Day 1
Day 2

Day 2 – Thursday 4 June


Summit Masterclass Session: Leadership in an integrated world

How the Small to Medium Size Firm has a Vital Role to Play in Global Integration.
What does a new-look firm look like?
What are the lessons of consolidation and integration for everyone in this room?

Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC

John Croll, CEO, iSentia.
Peter Granat, CEO, Cision Group.
Walter Patanella, Global CEO, Kantar Media News Intelligence.

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10.15 – 11.15

Workshop A
Winning in the Integrated Comms World

In a competitive business environment having the right product and the right people has never been more important. This practical and interactive business clinic will cover:

Is your client or agency more integrated than you know? Spotting the signs and asking the right questions.
How to future-proof your product for an integrated marketing comms world.
Do we hire for integrated skillsets or combine specialists in new ways?

Marion McDonald, Managing Director, Strategy & Measurement, Asia Pacific Region, Ogilvy Public Relations

Michele Peterson Murray, Senior Executive Director, Integrated Communications, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to The Beef Checkoff, USA
Lilia Glazova, CEO, PR News, Russia.
Khali Sakkas, Head of Insights, iSentia Australia

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10.15 – 11.15

Workshop B
Winning The Game – How to work internationally

AMEC will survey delegates ahead of Stockholm to find out which countries they would like to know more about, in terms of business working style, culture; logistics, etc. It will give delegates the opportunity to ask their own big question about how to do better business in these countries and receive expert advice!

Ben Levine, Vice President, Ketchum Global Research and Analytics (KGRA) (Europe/international).

International Advisors:
Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic (US/Middle East).
Alan Malligsen, CEO, Retriever Denmark (Nordics).
Petra Masinova, CEO, Newton Media (Central/Eastern Europe).

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Workshop C
Winning The Game – Understanding emerging trends and platforms in social media

Experts in digital strategy from around the world talk about the big trends as they see them and engage delegates in a fast-moving interactive session.

We take a look at what’s new around the world from AMEC’s 2015 AMEC World Media Intelligence and Insights survey.
The big questions – what’s working/
What does the future hold?
What new platforms will leave others behind?

Richard Bagnall, CEO, Prime Research

Christophe Folschette, Founder, Talkwalker.
Meredith Stevens, Director, Digital Strategy, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to The Beef Checkoff
Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO, SocialEyez
Kimberly Maki, Corporate Vice President/Chief Communications Executive, Bright House Networks

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Workshop D
Outputs to outcomes – from why to how

Barcelona Principle #2 states that …Measuring the Effect on Outcomes is Preferred to Measuring Outputs. But we know from AMEC research that most client work does not include outcome measurement.

Is the problem not that people think that they should measure outcomes – but they don’t know how to do it?
How to carry out outcome measurement and put measurable outcomes in place.
Understanding the important of outcome measurement solutions for our businesses and advice how to prepare and sell outcome measurement solutions.
An international panel gives their advice.

Paul Hender, Head of Insight and Analysis, Gorkana.

Aseem Sood, CEO, Impact Research & Measurement Pvt Ltd.
Johna Burke, Executive Vice President, BurrellesLuce.
K C Brown, General Manager at Cision Global Analysts.
Mikkel Hausner, Director, Analytics & Insights, Infomedia, Denmark

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Summit Copyright Round Table

The European Commission has copyright reform on its Agenda to be announced in September this year. Its proposals could make a fundamental difference to the way businesses represented at the Summit are run.

This is a special workshop presented by AMEC and FIBEP to look at the implications to the industry from the new European Commission Directive on Copyright due to be published in September.

The Summit Round Table discussion is being held as part of the official EU Consultation Process.
This is YOUR opportunity learn of the Commission’s plans and timetable; to ask questions and discover the likely impact to their business from the Commission’s plans.
There is a workshop option for those not impacted by copyright (Workshop E).

Guest speaker:
Eric Mamer, Deputy Head of Cabinet, EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger’s Digital Economy and Society Team, European Commission

John Croll, CEO, iSentia.

Round table speakers:
Christophe Dickès, Chair, Joint AMEC/FIBEP Content & Copyright Committee; Global Copyright Director News Intelligence, Kantar Media. AMEC/FIBEP member.
Nikki Daniel, Chair, UK Media Monitoring Association (UKKMA); Director, Global Content, Moreover Technologies Lexis Nexis. AMEC/FIBEP member.

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Workshop E
Getting people on the same page! How do you get PR and measurement professionals to agree what’s important?

We recognise that not every international delegate will have an interest in the Copyright Round Table. Workshop E showcases a new initiative from France.

In an interactive session, two leading media intelligence professionals will talk of the challenges involved in developing a new industry measurement framework on behalf of Syntec RP, the French PR trade association. How they overcame previous disappointments – and how a similar approach might work in your country.

It starts with agreeing a common objective.
No place for Advertising Value Equivalent (AVEs) anywhere!
The secret is gaining consensus to agree what the common objective was.
The Key Measures all start with the Barcelona Principles.

François Nicolon, Global CMO, Kantar Media
Arnaud Steinkuhler, Opinion, Media & Social Media Analysis Department Manager, Argus de la presse.

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An end to marketplace confusion about PR metrics! Summit Debate to push PR measurement forward

A special session involving top industry and client speakers. The session will look at the confusing number of PR measurement metrics which exist and suggest a way forward. It is a session where we will be asking delegates to have a voice on shaping the industry!

The session will include:

Results of new international research on what the market wants!
Opportunity for delegates to help shape future thinking through discussion groups.
Delegate voting on suggestions for change

What AMEC has done to date and what the market wants

Jeremy Thompson, CEO, Gorkana Group & AMEC Chairman
Christine Liao, Senior Vice President & Senior Partner & Global Director, Research & Analytics, Fleishman Hillard

What might a single suite of metrics look like?

Richard Bagnall, CEO of PRIME Research UK
Elayne Phillips, Head of Strategy, Performance and Evaluation, Defra Communications, UK Government

Discussion Groups A& B – Developing an integrated metrics model & Where does the Barcelona Principles fit into what we are doing and need to do to strengthen its impact?

Discussion Group A
Developing an integrated metrics model
Christine Liao & Richard Bagnall

Johna Burke, EVP, BurrellsLuce & Co-Chair, AMEC North American Chapter
Andrew Hughes, Commercial Director, NLA
Courtney Kalous, Director of Planning and Evaluation, Cattlemen’s Beef Board, US.
Rachana Panda, Director, Corporate Communications & Citizenship, GE South Asia
Giles Peddy, Group Managing Director UK, LEWIS PR
Sean Smith, Chief Executive, Australia and New Zealand, Isentia
Michael Zivani, Founder & CEO, Precise Value & Co-Chair, AMEC Asia Pacific Chapter

Discussion Group B
Where does the Barcelona Principles fit into what we are doing and need to do to strengthen its impact?

David Rockland & Chris Foster

Sarah Campbell, Global Communications Lead for Public Affairs, Royal Phillips Electronics N.V.
Francis Ingham, ICCO Executive Director & PRCA Director General
Sarab Kochbar, Director of Research, Institute for Public Relations & Associate Director of Measurement and Analytics, APCO Worldwide
Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic

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