Analytics critical to new PR industry model

New international research by AMEC shows that as PR firms move to adopt a new integrated model they are also recognising the importance of measurement and analytics more than ever before.

It is one of a number of key trends in new International Business Insights research published by AMEC following a survey of members.

More than seven in ten AMEC members (72%) agree that PR consultancies are increasingly recognising the importance of measurement and analytics.

David Rockland, a Ketchum Partner and Chairman of AMEC, said: “We have been working hard with PR firms and PR member organisations, and most importantly our clients, over a number of years to elevate the importance of measurement in modern communications and marketing practices.

“As various disciplines are increasingly integrating to deliver optimum value to the client, it remains critical to be able to not only demonstrate results of each discipline, but how they work together to drive business performance.”

The new insights study from AMEC also shows that explosive client-led growth in measuring social media is behind overall international industry growth with 81% of members reporting increased demand.

There was strong support for AMEC’s work in education, with 87% saying that that AMEC has a critical role to play in educating the marketplace about the importance of measurement as part of its Global Education Programme.

The full study has been sent to all participating AMEC members.