Survey reports – measurement never more important!

An overwhelming belief among PR agency heads (93%) that measurement and analytics in PR has never been more important is revealed in the ICCO Trends Barometer for Q3 2013.

ICCO is AMEC’s Strategic Partner.

The ICCO Barometer also reports rising agency confidence in the future, backed by high levels of new business activity. Agency heads reported strong confidence in their agencies’ prospects, with client budgets stable or growing.


ICCO asked specific questions to get more insight into the way agencies worldwide approach the question of measurement and analytics in PR.
What came through is that measurement and analytics in PR has never been more relevant or important, according to 93% of responses. It follows a number of speakers at the ICCO Summit in Paris all agreeing that measurement and analytics was an element part of the PR consultancy of the future.

In the Q3 Barometer, nearly 60% of respondents said clients were showing more interest in measurement than they were two years ago.

However, some ICCO members remain to be convinced of the importance of measurement with 59% of people taking part in the Barometer survey saying it was “too complex” and 29% saying measurement only “looks backwards”.

Barry Leggetter, Executive Director of AMEC, said: “These are encouraging figures from ICCO members that ‘measurement matters’. I was particularly interested to see the 60% figure of clients taking more interest in measurement now which backs up AMEC’s own research that clients are driving the PR member company interest in measurement.”

Leggetter said efforts need to continue to show PR professionals that measurement was not as complex as they perhaps imagined to integrate measurement into their PR work.

ICCO Chief Executive Francis Ingham added: “PR leaders increasingly recognise the importance of evaluation for the future of our industry. Crucially, they are practical rather than idealistic in how to make measurement an integral part of our work. It can’t just be retrospective. It has to be intelligent, but also manageable.

“ICCO and AMEC will work tirelessly to ensure that those requirements are met.”