Marklein and Paine Present Social Media Measurement Standards at the Dublin Summit

Tim Marklein and Katie Paine presented the results of social media standards-setting work by the Social Media Measurement (SMM) Coalition and the SMM Conclave, two groups which AMEC supports. They detailed the first concrete results and recommendations of a standards-setting process.

Over the past couple of years, a cross-industry collaboration of major measurement players set itself the task of working to develop social media standards. They decided to address these six initial priority topics:

  1. Content Sourcing & Methods
  2. Reach & Impressions
  3. Engagement
  4. Influence & Relevance
  5. Opinion & Advocacy
  6. Impact & Value

Progress has been made on the first of the topics, content, in the form of a standard content sourcing and methodology table that details just what a vendor will be putting into a measurement program. This table will provide transparency and easy comparison between programs and vendors, similar to a food nutrition label. The idea is that if a company completes this form for a project then they will get certified by AMEC with a special seal of approval (like Good Housekeeping). See below an example filled out with details of a hypothetical measurement project (click image for larger version):

Transparent Table