4th European Summit

Knowledge Share – 4th European Summit

AMEC’s 4th European Summit in Dublin on 13th to the 15th of June. Where speakers gave their permission, their presentations are available for download below.

WEDNESDAY 13TH JUNE: The Workshop Day

Workshop A:

Title: How to embed social media measurement successfully within your business?
As requested in pre Summit research

Study after study reports that communications and media business leaders expect digital revenues to grow as clients increasingly see the huge potential of the digital landscape. In the workshop Mazen Nahawi will

  • Look at the anticipated growth for AMEC members as clients put the need to better understand what is being said about their brand on social media platforms.
  • Discuss how to embed social media measurement in your business as an integral, not an “add on” part of your client offer.
Mazen Nahawi Mazen Nahawi
President, News Group and President of FIBEP.
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Workshop B:

Title: Valid Metrics – learning from the client view.
As requested in pre Summit research
A hands-on workshop which uses the experience of a client’s progress in using AMEC’s new Valid Metrics methodology. It adds up to a great practical learning opportunity.

Mike Daniels Mike Daniels
Senior Consultant at Report International Ltd, and Chairman of AMEC. Download Speaker Presentation
Colin Wheeler Colin Wheeler
Head of Insights and Analytics, EMEA, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. Download Speaker Presentation
Andre Manning Andre Manning
VP, Global Head of External Communications for Royal Philips Electronics.
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David Kellis David Kellis
Director of PR & Social Media, Clorox.


Workshop F:

Title: Progressing Outputs to Outcomes – How to add ‘Effect’ to your ‘Cause’ findings.
As requested in pre Summit research

Dan Halliwell and Roger Jupp, Chairman of market research experts, Millward Brown Ireland, discuss the steps involved in integrating media evaluation with traditional market research methods. The session will look at how to structure methodologies to assess the effectiveness of communications campaigns and detail the potential findings possible when working with other research partners.

  • Planning the next steps beyond cause measurement
  • Applying scale and methodologies
  • Presenting the results
  • Realistic budgets and gaining client buy-in
Dan Halliwell Dan Halliwell
Managing Director, Kantar Media, Ireland
Roger Jupp Roger Jupp
Chairman, Millward Brown Lansdowne


Workshop G:

Title: “Social Media Analytics Does Not Have to Be Overwhelming”.

Margot and David discuss less-costly and less time-consuming ways to measure social media, through influencer identification and management. The session will look at steps to take and tools to use in both Europe and the U.S.

  • Finding the most important influencers for your brand and industry
  • Deciding which free and paid tools will help you find conversations about keywords that are important to your business
  • Reaching out to influencers with key messaging
  • Measuring the results
  • Determining how frequently an influencer list should be updated
Margot Saville Margot Saville
Senior Vice President, Global, Research+Data Insights
David Iannelli David Iannelli
Research+Data Insights – President, Global



Workshop H – Breakfast Workshop:

Title: “Pro-active crisis management with the help of economic-psychological approaches”

Ingrid and Robert discuss how different models of attribution can be implemented in a media content analysis and which results such an analysis may deliver. Using the example of Toyota’s world-wide recall in 2010, the workshop shows how economic-psychological approaches in a media content analysis could support pro-active crisis management.

  • How to apply different models of attribution
  • Media content analysis: How to implement models of attribution step by step
  • Presentation of the results of a case study
  • What would be a realistic budget for such an analysis?
Ingrid Moorkens Ingrid Moorkens
Head of products and development, AUSSCHNITT Medienbeobachtung.
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Robert Fekl Robert Fekl
Head of Media Analysis, AUSSCHNITT Medienbeobachtung.
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From Evaluation to Insight: How Jameson Uses Online and Social Media to Better Understand Brand Impact on Consumers

Sandra Reape Sandra Reape
Senior International Consumer Insight Manager, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.
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Karen Williams Karen Williams
Managing Director, SpectrumInsight.
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Digital Reality

Anna Kepka Anna Kepka
Media Insight Director Europe & North America, Unilever.
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How do they love us? Let me count the ways…

Antonia Antonopoulos Antonia Antonopoulos
Communication Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation) at UNICEF.
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Katie Paine Katie Paine
Founder and CEO, KDPaine & Partners LLC.
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“Imagine a world in which traditional media has died and social media is king. What would be the first 5 things you would do (stop, start or continue)?”

Join this session as we discuss Microsoft’s approach towards monitoring, engaging, and managing influencers in today’s disrupted media landscape.

Rebecca Duffy Rebecca Duffy
Senior PR Manager, Microsoft Corporate Communications.
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“Analytics and ROI – why they are business critical”

Andre Manning Andre Manning
VP, Global Head of External Communications for Royal Philips Electronics.
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Evaluating media impact on a shoestring: a global charity’s challenge

Melanie Brooks Melanie Brooks
Media and Communications Coordinator, CARE International, Geneva.
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Thursday afternoon, 14th June

The Measurement Debate

  • Chris Foster, Principal, Strategy & Organization, Booz|Allen|Hamilton;
    Grant McLaughlin, Vice President, Booz|Allen|Hamilton and leader in the firm’s Human Capital, Learning and Communications Center of Excellence.
  • David Rockland, Ph.D., Partner/CEO Ketchum Pleon Change and Global Research
  • Christina Darnowksi, Director, Research & Project Management, PRSA.
  • Mike Daniels, Chairman of AMEC and Senior Consultant with Report International.
  • Gerry Davis, Chief Executive, Public Relations Institute of Ireland
  • Richard Houghton, MD London & Partner, Aspect Consulting. Immediate Past President ICCO.
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Challenges, Collaboration and the Bigger Opportunity for us all!

Richard Bagnal Richard Bagnall
Insights & Analytics Director, Gorkana Group and Chair, AMEC Social Media Measurement Group.
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The Devil’s Advocate

“Influence – The bullshit, best practice and promise”

Philip Sheldrake Philip Sheldrake
MCIPR CEng, founding partner, Meanwhile and Influence Crowd and main board director, Intellect.
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The March to Social Standards: #SMM Standards Progress & Roadmap

Tim Marklein Tim Marklein
Practice Leader, Technology & Analytics, W2O Group, Chair, #SMMStandards Coalition and Co-Chair, Council of PR Firms Measurement Committee.
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Katie Paine Katie Paine
CEO and Founder, KDPaine & Partners.
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The March to Social Standards: #SMM Standards Progress & Roadmap

Don Bartholomew Don Bartholomew
Senior Vice President, Digital and Social Media Research, Ketchum.
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Valid Metrics framework – a practical tool

Mike Daniels Mike Daniels
Senior Consultant, Report International and International Chair, AMEC.
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