Dublin Summit – the programme!

The full programme for the European Summit in Dublin from June 13-15, 2012, has been published.

It shows a plenary programme with industry leading speakers and debates on the BIG issues that matter.

Warm up cycling action at the Velodrome at the Olympic Park in London (pictured left)



Plenary day speakers include:

  • Sandra Reape, Senior Consumer Insight Manager – Jameson International at Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard
  • Anna Kepka, Media Insight Director Europe & North America, Unilever
  • Jackie Brock-Doyle, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Andre Manning, Vice President of External Communications, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Philips
  • Abhinav Rahul, Vice President, Max New York Life Insurance
  • Melanie Brooks, Media and Communications Coordinator, CARE International, Geneva
  • Philip Sheldrake, founding partner of Meanwhile and Influence Crowd and board director of Intellect

3 big debates

We are running three major debates with the emphasis on delegate involvement at the Dublin Summit.

The Future of Media – a new addition to the Workshop Day programme

This 2 hour special AMEC debate looks at what is really happening to the media in key markets around the world backed up by the latest research. It draws on the experience of leaders from North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia and is an essential session for AMEC members who want to future proof their business. International industry leaders taking part are:

Andy Brown, Chairman of Kantar Media; Peter Granat, CEO, Cision North America; Mazen Nahawi, President, News Group International; John Croll, CEO of Sentia Media; Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director, Gorkana Group (Moderator); Douglas McCabe, COO of Enders Analysis, London’s leading independent media and telecoms research firm.

The Dublin Measurement Debate: “Making Measurement Stick”

AMEC’s aim is to provide the leadership thinking for a global education campaign to grow the market for communications research and measurement. Delegates will decide on the steps which need to be taken. What needs to happen? Take part and influence the future.

Presenters: Chris Foster, Principal, Strategy & Organization, Booz Allen Hamilton; David Rockland Ph.D., Partner/CEO Ketchum Pleon Change and Global Research PLUS an industry panel.

Social Media – The Dublin Accord

The AMEC Summit in Barcelona kicked off the debate with the declaration in the Barcelona Principles that “Social media can and should be measured.” Following work at the 1st Asia Pacific Summit in Hong Kong, in Dublin, a special session will aim to agree a framework for global standards in social media measurement.

The session will be run by Tim Marklein, Practice Leader, Technology & Analytics, WCG and Co-chair, Council of PR Firms Measurement Committee; Richard Bagnall, Insights & Analytics Director, Gorkana Group; Katie Paine, CEO and Founder, KDPaine & Partners and Don Bartholomew, Senior Vice President, Digital and Social Media Research, Ketchum.