AMEC call for groups to work together on developing social media standards

What has been hailed as “a major step forward” in the development of new global standards to measure the effectiveness of social media was taken at the inaugural Asia Pacific Summit on Measurement in Hong Kong. Delegates voted to approve a series of principles which will now go forward for further worldwide discussion.

Mike Daniels, AMEC international chairman (pictured left), said: “The APAC Summit was a major step forward in developing robust social media measurement principles. It was vital we heard the voice of Asia in the measurement development process because of the sheer scale of the social media landscape across the region.”

Daniels said he was hoping other international groups, already active in debating social media standards would work together using the principles contained in the Hong Kong framework as a foundation. “Internationally the communications industry needs clarity of thought and purpose, and we will only get this by pulling together.”

Richard Bagnall, chair of AMEC’s Social Media Measurement Group will take the APAC social media measurement recommendations forward for discussion with other groups in the US and Europe over the coming weeks. It will result in clear proposals being put to the European Summit in Dublin in June.

The APAC recommendations are:

  1. Social media measurement should adhere to the Barcelona Principles of Measurement including:
    – Setting goals first
    – Transparency and replicability of research methods
    – Hierarchy of Outputs, Outcomes and Business Results
    – Necessity to reflect quantity and quality in all measurement
  2. There are 4 key metrics for social media measurement
    – Influence: must be influential to relevant demographics and topics
    – Opportunity to reach: must use consistent counting and no multipliers must be used
    – Engagement: can measure at multiple levels, related to specific business/organisation goals
    – Sentiment: must specify technique, whether human, computer, or hybrid
  3. Impact and Value must use KPIs relevant to the organisation goals
  4. Social media should be measured across the organisation, not just in PR