Gorkana Group (Gorkana, Durrants, Metrica)

Contact: Jeremy Thompson


Discovery House 28-42 Banner Street London EC1Y 8QE

Telephone: 020 7674 0200

Fax: 020 7674 0355

Website: www.gorkana.com/group

Email for Info: jeremy.thompson@gorkana.com


The market-leading media intelligence services Gorkana, Durrants and Metrica have come together as one company – Gorkana Group. With our combined strengths of accurate and enriched journalist and media intelligence, fast and comprehensive media monitoring and in-depth media evaluation, we are best placed to intelligently inform and drive the success of our customers’ PR strategies. Our services are now easily accessible through one integrated portal, giving a unique real-time vantage point while saving valuable time.

Customers can pick and choose services as needed, but by combining all three strands of expertise, they benefit from much greater insight.

Gorkana has a strong reputation as a ‘must-have’ service for the PR and journalist communities. We specialise in connecting journalists and PRs in the UK, Europe and US. We maintain a highly collaborative relationship with the media and journalist community, ensuring our customers get hold of the latest, most accurate and in-depth information. It’s a valuable network that helps them to connect and develop stronger relationships with the people they really need to know. From our Media Database and daily Media Alerts to our weekly journalist breakfast briefing events and Forward Features and Media Request services – we constantly find ways to give our customers access to rich and forward-looking intelligence on media, journalists and bloggers – ultimately helping them to save time, engage the right influencers, and reach their target audiences more effectively.

Durrants pioneered the media monitoring industry and continues to innovate. We help organisations to understand how they are perceived across all types of media by offering highly accurate, fast and reliable editorially-reviewed media coverage across all channels, from more than 100 countries worldwide. Our experience shows that up to 90% of the coverage found through an automated process is not relevant to our customers’ needs. Therefore, we have a large team of editors and summarisers based in our London offices working round the clock to ensure all coverage goes out only after editorial review. This enables us to deliver only the information important to our customers, in the format they want, when they need it.

Metrica is one of the world’s most experienced global media analysis and PR evaluation services. We work with our customers to assess the success of their PR activities across all media channels, and provide invaluable insights to fire up future PR strategies. We help create stronger, more focused plans for precise targeting and maximised results, and ensure that outcomes are properly and meaningfully evaluated for accountability. Our services are supported by a team with years of experience in the PR industry and underpinned by a highly customised approach. We only measure what is relevant to our customers’ objectives – whether that’s demonstrating ROI or meeting KPIs. We are committed to driving excellence, innovation and leadership in the communications measurement industry. This is supported by a number of accolades including Platinum Amec Awards.

For more information about Gorkana Group visit www.gorkana.com/group