Defining the future for AMEC

David B. Rockland, Ph.D., Partner/CEO Ketchum Pleon Change and Global Research on how AMEC shifted from fundamentals of the Barcelona Summit to looking at the future for programme measurement

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Education, growth and collaboration.

Peter Granat, President & COO, North America, Cision — North America and Mazen Nahawi, President, News Group International, Middle East, share their vision.

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The Cross Over Point – Traditional Media or Social?

An international panel on why traditional media is not dead but just re-positioned.

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ROI – getting the language right

The message from the speakers is that a clear definition of ROI is needed which is practical, rather than academic.

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AMEC at the heart of the communications tool-kit

Mike Daniels, Senior Consultant with Report International and Chair of AMEC, on AMEC’s collaborative approach to growth and advancing the practice of measurement.

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Embedding measurement in PR

Mike Daniels and Prof. Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., on the why it is critical to have measurement at the heart of every PR programme.

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