Kevin Akeroyd, Global CEO of Cision, will deliver a Keynote Address on the future of data-driven communications at the AMEC Global Summit.

He said: “I am excited to speak with the industry’s leaders at this world-class event,

“Cision is at the forefront of exciting data, identity and technological innovation in the communications industry that allows communications professionals to connect their campaigns to business outcomes and finally realize that “holy grail” of not just measurement, but actual attribution.

“I am looking forward to sharing my views on what I see as the future of data-driven communications.”

Akeroyd’s presentation, “Cloud Data, Technology and Measurement Transformation: finally coming to the Communications World” will center on how the data, measurement and technology revolution that has transformed sales, services, marketing, commerce and advertising is now happening in communications and earned media.

Bringing data, identity, and attribution on par with other disciplines, and how we as an industry should be able to bring investment back will also be a focus of his keynote.